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The app that connects tradespeople and local merchants

The average tradesman spends a significant portion of every job in their van, going to the merchants in search of supplies – sometimes as much as 30 per cent of a builder’s working day.

It finds building, plumbing, timber, electrical and other supplies near any job site.

With more than 500,000 products in its menu, the Buildiro app caters for all tradespeople. For any tradesman, three factors affect the materials supply chain: availability, distance from the job site, and price.

The Buildiro app allows tradespeople to monitor these factors with just one click!

With the app, tradespeople can book their building materials in advance thanks to Buildiro’s Click & collect system that automatically generates electronic invoices and sends them to their accounting systems, which helps with the Making Tax Digital requirement.


If you want to be a modern tradesperson and optimize your time and costs more efficiently, you need the Buildiro app in your toolbox!


Get ahead of the game and don’t be left behind in the digital world, let your customers see your products online.

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