Sharpening Stones

Keep your knives, axes and other tools sharp at all times. With a quality sharpening stone, you lower the risk of messing up your work or injuring yourself. Clean and effortless cuts are every woodworker’s, builder’s or gardener’s dream. Luckily, they do not require a miracle to achieve. Buildiro offers a large variety of sharpening stones suitable for various tools. When choosing the best sharpening stone for your needs, you should take the type of tool or material you plan to use it on into consideration. A wet stone sharpener is most suitable for tools with thinner blades, such as knives. Sometimes also called an oil sharpener, a wet stone sharpener provides sufficient and smooth friction thanks to water or oil. If you need to sharpen stronger blades, such as those of a chisel or an axe, you need to consider a diamond sharpening stone. Thanks to its strength, the diamond sharpening stone restores the sharpness and provides you with clean and precise cuts.
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