About us

Buildiro.com is a direct-to-consumer building supplies and services marketplace. With more than 500,000 products in our database, and a free trusted-trader directory, Buildiro helps you build better, faster.

Find supplies fast

The average tradesperson spends a significant portion of every job in their van, traveling to the hardware store in search of supplies and tools. We know because we were professional traders ourselves once, and for years we spent as much as 30% of our billable hours searching shelves for materials. We created Buildiro to put an end to this madness.

Since launching in London in 2019, Buildiro has helped thousands of tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts in the UK source building supplies and materials with real-time access to local merchants’ inventories. Whether you need hammers, bricks, or garden furniture, our database – integrated with Linnworks, the same real-time inventory management software used by eBay and Amazon – locates supplies you need at the price you want in the shortest distance from your job site. No more aimlessly searching shelves. No more hours wasted in the van.

Locate Trusted Traders

For DIYers who need an extra hand, or those who would rather leave construction to the pros, Buildiro can also take the hassle out of finding a trusted trader. Our free trader’s directory, with more than 5,000 UK-based tradespeople listed, helps customers screen and hire local service providers with just a few clicks. Tradespeople can create a profile and share photos of their work by registering for free, while customers can search for tradespeople near them and post and read reviews.

Our Philosophy

Building trades are among the last sectors of the economy to digitise. Our goal is to change that by building workflow and management systems that enable the independent tradesperson to save time and money; to help independent tradespeople and merchants market their services more efficiently; and to give DIY enthusiasts the tools they need to source materials and find professional services with ease.


Buildiro was conceived by CEO Luke Polach during his time managing a small construction firm in North London. During one job, Polach needed materials and he used his phone to search for a local merchant. According to Google Maps, the closest store was six miles away. But while stuck in traffic, Polach spotted a smaller merchant just a mile from the job site. Not only did this local supplier have everything Polach needed, the products were actually cheaper than the larger retailer. It was then that the idea for Buildiro was born.


Buildiro employees are passionate about revolutionising the construction-services industry. With staff in the UK and the Czech Republic, our building, technology, and customer service professionals have decades of collective experience in the building trades.

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