About Us

Buildiro.com is a leading comparison metasearch engine for building materials and tools, designed specifically for DIYers and tradespeople in the UK. With a mission to make the process of finding and purchasing building materials and tools fast and easy, Buildiro.com aggregates more than 100 merchants supplying the construction industry in the UK, such as B&Q, Wickes, Homebase, Victoria Plum, and Tooled Up.

At Buildiro.com, customers can search for and compare prices across a vast range of building materials and tools from various suppliers in one place, enabling them to save time and money. The platform is designed to simplify the entire process, from searching for the right products to purchasing and arranging delivery or collection.

Buildiro.com is dedicated to providing a seamless shopping experience for its customers, with a user-friendly website and a team of experts available to offer support and advice. Whether customers are looking to complete a DIY project at home or sourcing materials for a commercial construction project, Buildiro.com has the expertise and experience to help them find the right products quickly and easily.

In addition to providing a convenient and affordable shopping experience, Buildiro.com offers a unique Price History feature that monitors the prices of building materials and tools in the UK. This feature allows customers to track the price changes of products over time and make informed purchasing decisions based on historical data.

Buildiro.com is committed to sustainability and ethical business practices. The company works closely with suppliers who share its values and is constantly seeking to reduce its environmental impact through responsible sourcing and efficient logistics.

Overall, Buildiro.com is a reliable and efficient solution for anyone looking to source building materials and tools in the UK. With its focus on quality, affordability, and customer satisfaction, the company has become a trusted partner for both DIYers and tradespeople across the country.


Luke: With extensive years of involvement in the construction field, Luke's enthusiasm lies in revolutionising the construction industry through digitalisation.

Andrew: Andrej is a dedicated software enthusiast driven by a keen interest in emerging technologies, guiding our team towards exceptional outcomes.

Matthew: A backend system architect and developer with a profound fascination for significant domains like big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain.

Martin: Martin is an innovative app developer fueled by a fervent passion for cutting-edge technologies and the digital transformation of industries.

Our Journey at Buildiro

2018: Inception of an Idea

The Buildiro journey began in 2018, sparked by Luke Polach's experiences running a small building business called LM Solutions London. Frustrated by the challenges of sourcing materials and tools not readily available from local merchants, Luke envisioned a solution. After leaving LM Solutions London, he carried this idea back to the Czech Republic, where the foundation for Buildiro was laid.

2019: Formation of a Visionary Team

The year 2019 marked a crucial milestone with the establishment of our dynamic team. Comprising four visionary co-founders, including CTO Andrej, backend specialist Matej, and iOS developer Martin, the team embarked on their journey. Initially focusing on mobile app development for Android and iOS, they encountered setbacks. Despite this, Buildiro secured its first investment, approximately £50k, from an angel investor. As a pivotal step, Buildiro officially became a Limited company based in London. The year closed with another significant investment of £85k from Prague-based fund, Nation 1.

2020: Adapting and Innovating

Amid the challenges posed by the Covid pandemic, 2020 brought adaptability and innovation to the forefront. The team shifted gears, opting to create a new website from the ground up. This effort culminated in the launch of the first version of the Buildiro website in June. Simultaneously, Buildiro introduced a rapid 90-minute delivery service for building materials in London. The drive for success led to an additional investment of £200k from Nation 1, affirming the potential of the business. This period also served as a valuable learning experience, as the team recognized their strengths in data processing rather than in running a delivery service.

2021: Redefining Focus

In 2021, Buildiro underwent a transformative shift. It emerged as a powerful meta search engine and comparison website catering to the construction industry. Operating on an affiliate and PPC business model, Buildiro allowed merchants to share their product data. This strategic pivot refined the company's purpose and aligned it with its strengths.

2022: Scaling Heights and Forming Alliances

The year 2022 was marked by significant growth and partnerships. Buildiro successfully raised £315K through a crowdfunding campaign on Seedrs, fueling its expansion. Notably, Buildiro solidified partnerships with industry giants such as B&Q, Wickes, Victoria Plum, Travis Perkins, Wilko, Tooled-UP, and Bosch Professional. The network also extended to encompass over 100 smaller merchants, enriching the platform's offerings.

2023: Empowering Tradespeople and DIYers

As of 2023, Buildiro stands as a driving force in its domain, facilitating tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts daily. With consistent month-on-month growth of 20-30%, Buildiro empowers individuals by helping them access materials and tools swiftly while making smart financial choices. Our commitment remains unwavering as we continue to evolve, innovate, and redefine the construction material sourcing experience.

Join us at Buildiro as we shape the future of construction material procurement, one innovation at a time.