Stone Saws

Stone saws, epitomising efficiency and precision, are indispensable tools for cutting and shaping various types of stone. Brands like Makita and Husqvarna have elevated the standards of these saws, offering robust and reliable options. A Makita stone saw is celebrated for its ergonomic design and consistent performance, making it a top choice for those demanding fine, accurate cuts. Meanwhile, a Husqvarna stone saw stands out for its durability and power, easily tackling tougher stone varieties. These saws incorporate advanced technologies to ensure clean, precise cuts every time, minimising wastage and maximising productivity. Ideal for both intricate detail work and larger cuts, these saws cater to a wide range of stone cutting needs. Their user-friendly interfaces make them accessible not only to seasoned tradespeople but also to homeowners embarking on DIY projects. With safety features integrated into their design, users can operate these tools with confidence. The versatility of stone saws extends to various stone types, from granite to marble, ensuring that every cut is as effortless as it is accurate. Embodying a blend of innovation and practicality, stone saws are the go-to tools for anyone looking to shape stone with precision and ease.
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Makita 4112HS 305mm Concrete Stone Saw - 110v
Makita 4112HS 305mm Concrete Stone Saw - 110v
£663.95 Tooled-Up

What to consider before you buy a stone saw?

When selecting a stone saw, a specialised tool designed for cutting through hard materials like stone, tile, and concrete, it's crucial to choose one that aligns with the specific needs of your project. Stone saws are essential for tasks in construction, masonry, and landscaping, where precision and power are key.

Makita is a well-regarded brand in this category, offering stone saws that are known for their durability, efficiency, and precision. A Makita stone saw typically combines power with ergonomic design, making it a favoured choice for professionals who require reliability and ease of use in demanding conditions.

While considering a stone saw, it's important to note that these are distinct from tools like reciprocating saws, which are more versatile and used for a range of cutting tasks in wood, metal, and plastic, but are not typically suitable for the dense materials stone saws are designed to handle.

Key factors to consider when choosing a stone saw include the saw's power, the type and size of the blade, and the depth of cut it can achieve. Additionally, features like water feed for dust suppression and cooling, as well as the overall build quality and safety features, are important for efficient and safe operation.

In summary, selecting the right stone saw, such as a Makita model, involves considering the tool's power, blade type, cutting capacity, and additional features that enhance performance and safety. While reciprocating saws offer versatility for different materials, stone saws are specifically tailored for heavy-duty cutting of hard materials, providing the precision and robustness required for such tasks.