Straight Grinders

Straight grinders, often referred to simply as "straight grinder", are specialised tools used for grinding, polishing, and finishing in metalworking and other industrial applications. These compact and efficient tools are designed to deliver precision and control, making them a go-to choice for professionals and hobbyists alike. Leading brands like Makita, Bosch, and Milwaukee offer robust straight grinders that stand out for their durability and performance. A Makita straight grinder, for example, often features a slim design, making it ideal for reaching tight spaces. Similarly, a Bosch straight grinder is known for its powerful motor and ergonomic build, ensuring comfort during prolonged use. On the other hand, a Milwaukee straight grinder typically boasts innovative features such as variable speed control, enhancing its versatility. Whether it's for deburring, sharpening, or surface preparation, a straight grinder from these renowned brands can significantly improve efficiency and precision in various tasks. Their robust build and specialised features make them a favourite among professionals seeking reliable and high-quality tools.
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Makita GS5000 Straight Grinder 125mm - 240v
Makita GS5000 Straight Grinder 125mm - 240v
from £282.95
Makita GS6000 Straight Grinder 150mm - 110v
Makita GS6000 Straight Grinder 150mm - 110v
£382.95 Tooled-Up