Antifreeze Testers

Antifreeze Testers are integral tools in the automotive industry, ensuring vehicles are maintained at optimal performance. From tachometres measuring engine speed to voltage testers for electrical systems, these antifreeze testers provide essential diagnostics. Antifreeze testers ensure the proper functioning of cooling systems, while inspection cameras allow for in-depth examination of hard-to-reach areas. Refractometers are crucial in determining fluid properties, making them vital for both automotive and laboratory use. Our selection of antifreeze testers is designed to cater to both professional mechanics and automotive enthusiasts, offering precision and reliability. Using the right antifreeze testers not only enhances vehicle safety but also ensures maintenance efficiency. We provide a diverse range of antifreeze testers, enabling you to compare products and prices to find the best tools for your automotive testing needs. Invest in our high-quality antifreeze testers to guarantee accuracy in all your automotive diagnostics and maintenance.
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Draper 01053 Anti-Freeze Tester AFT-2B
Draper 01053 Anti-Freeze Tester AFT-2B
from £7.95