How many lumens is suitable for a living room?

lumens living room

A lumen is a unit of measurement for light. We use lumens to measure the amount of light produced by a light source. For example, a 100-watt light bulb produces about 1,300-1,500 lumens.
Watts only measures the amount of energy used to produce light, not the amount of light emitted. Lumens are a helpful way to measure light because they consider the human eye’s response to light. With the advent of new technologies, manufacturers realise that comparing products in watts is not helpful. Product packaging is beginning to describe the lumen output alongside the traditional wattage values.

How to make aesthetic rooms with led lights

A well-decorated and pleasing room can significantly impact your mood and behaviour. People prefer aesthetically pleasing spaces and spend more time in them, making concentrating or relaxing easier. Aesthetically enjoyable rooms provide many benefits, such as reducing stress, improving productivity, and creating a comfortable atmosphere. Thankfully, their adaptability makes it easy to create aesthetic rooms with led lights.

Warm white vs cool white

warm white vs cool white

Light, and the way we perceive it, is one of the essential factors in how we experience our surroundings. The right light can create a cosy and inviting atmosphere, while the wrong light can make a space feel cold and uninviting. And with new modern LED light bulbs that allow the user to change their colour, it’s never been simpler to switch between colours or shades of the same colour. With that in mind, let’s look at Warm white light and cool light.

How many downlights do I need?

how many downlights

The recessed downlight, or can light, is popular for home and office lighting. And for good reason: downlights are energy efficient, stylish, and versatile. But before you install any old number of downlights, it’s important to understand how to calculate the number of downlights you’ll need for your space.

How many spotlights do I need?

how many spotlights

There are many types of home spotlights. From track lights to adjustable recessed lights to single wall or ceiling-mounted fixtures, the number of spotlights you’ll need will vary depending on the style and size of your home.

LED vs Halogen light bulbs

halogen vs led

Light bulbs, as with all technology, continue to evolve and change. Most homeowners are familiar with regular household light bulbs – the Bayonet Cap B22 and its smaller cousin, the B15, or the Edison Screw E27 and smaller E14. These are typically fitted into pendants, chandeliers, wall sconces, and floor and table lamps, while in downlights and spotlights, the standard bulbs are GU10, MR16 or MR11.

Do LED strip lights use a lot of electricity?

So you’ve got some design plans and are considering using LED strip lights to create the effect you are after. But what do these cost to run? And how do they compare to other types of light bulbs?

How to install track lighting

Installing track lighting is a relatively easy do-it-yourself project that can add function and style to your home. They can illuminate a room, add extra light to a workspace or highlight a piece of art. Whatever your reason for installing track lighting, the process is essentially the same. With a few tools and some basic instructions, you can install track lighting in no time.

How to brighten a dark room

Let’s imagine you’ve moved into a new home. It’s wonderful; you love it, but are you stuck wondering how to brighten a dark room? Often there is just a spot in a house that never reaches its true potential due to being a little dingy.

Spotlight Installation Costs in 2022

If the time has come to modernise your kitchen, bathroom, or any other room you think would suit having downlists, then you’ll no doubt be looking around to find out how much it costs to have them professionally installed.
Downlights are one of the most popular lighting options in the UK, with many DIYers choosing to install them by themselves, while others opt to have a professional. Whichever option you prefer, we’ll help you to understand the spotlight installation cost and what factors might increase or decrease those costs.