How to Change Ceiling Light Fixture

The ceiling light is the radiance of every room. Does your ceiling light damaged or outdated? If it requires replacement, you can replace it yourself; without consulting an electrician. It needs no rapid science to change ceiling lights; you can do it easily. Just you need a few tools, and replace the ceiling light through the following steps.

A step-by-step guide to changing ceiling light:

If you are worried about how to install ceiling lights from scratch, don’t worry. You can easily change the ceiling light at home with the help of this step-by-step guide.

Tools for installing light fixtures

Working Procedure:

You can fix the ceiling light by following the steps.

Step 1 Switch off the Main switch

As you are doing electrical work, before doing any things, you have to switch off the power supply.

  • Turn off the light by switching off the main switch.
  • Turn off the main switch and circuit breaker of the room where you are installing the ceiling light.
  • Now move to the room and check the electricity with a voltage-tester that is there any electricity supply?
  • Warning Note:  Place a note of working on the door of a circuit breaker; no one will turn it on when you’ve installed the light fixtures.

Close the door of the circuit-breaker properly; so that if there are some children there, they can’t switch the electricity on. 

Step 2: Removing ceiling light

Now next move on; how to replace ceiling light fixture? Afore starting with wires, check by voltage tester that there is no voltage passing through light fixtures.

install ceiling light

Removing the ceiling light shade:

  • Climb on the ladder; so you can easily touch the ceiling light.
  • Now check which type of ceiling light shade you have.
  • If there are any screws on the cover, open the screw from the shade with a screwdriver.
  • Make sure you hold on to the shade so that by untying the screw, it does not fall on the floor. 
  • Now rotate the light ant clockwise and remove it from the holder.
  • If your light fixture’s shade is not opening, then check the owner’s manual to check how you can uninstall your ceiling light shade.

Removing the base:

  • Now, remove the base of the ceiling light fixture by removing screws or nuts through your hands.
  • You can open the screw through the screwdriver and rotate them in an anticlockwise direction to open the screws.
  • If you did not find the screws, they generally lie in the center where the bulb’s hanging.
  • If someone helps you, ask them to hold the base? But you are working alone; affix it to the ceiling through painter tape; so that base of the ceiling light does not fall.

Remove the wire cap:

  • After removing the base, you find multiple wires.
  • Take the pictures of the wires connection before detaching them so you can easily connect them while replacing them with new ceiling lights.
  • Now rotate the wire cap in a counterclockwise direction until you remove it.

Check the voltage in the bare wires:

Check the voltage in the wires that either current flow through the wire. If you feel the current in the wires, call an electrician to check as it may be dangerous. If there is no voltage, then unplug the wires from the circuit. You succeeded in completely removing the old ceiling light.

Step 3 How to install ceiling light fixtures

Unbox the new ceiling light fixtures:

If you purchase new ceiling light fixtures, unbox them from the box and observe their different parts.

Connects the correct wires with the circuit:

Now connect the correct wires with the circuit according to color. If you forget the color scheme of the wire, then view the picture that helps you to connect the light accordingly.

Put the wire caps:

Now place the wires caps on the junction of wires. After that, fit the base in its place through a screw nut. Confirm that; the base of ceiling light fixtures tightly fits with the ceiling.

How to install ceiling light mounting bracket:

If you are using a mounting bracket, then, first of all, connect the junction box and mounting bracket with the help of a screw. After the connection of the mounting bucket, you can hang the base over the mounting bracket.

Connects the bulbs:

The next step is to connect the bulbs. Put the bulb on the holder and rotate it in a clockwise direction. Check that bulb is fully fixed in the sockets.

light bulb

Turn on the electricity to check whether the ceiling light working?

Now turn on the main switch and connect the circuit breaker of the room. Check whether the bulb glows? If the ceiling light glows, then you successfully installed the new ceiling light fixtures. If a bulb does not glow, then, switch off the main switch and again check the wire connection that they are correctly connected.

Cover the ceiling light with its base

Now cover the ceiling light base with its cover. You can fix the base cover of the ceiling light on its base, by rotating the cover on the base in clockwise directions. Now, put the screw in their place and tighten them. Switch on the light again, and check how you’re ceiling light fixtures looks?


Replacing the old or damaged ceiling light with a new ceiling light fixture is not a difficult task. You can easily do it through this article guideline. Simply turn off the electricity, go through the step-by-step guide, follow the instructions, and get your new ceiling light fixtures installed. Keep in mind that electricity may be dangerous work; if you are stuck in any place, consult with a good electrician.


Can I change the ceiling light myself?

Yes, you can easily change the ceiling light with the help of the above guidelines.

Do I need an electrician to change a light?

No, you don’t need electricians; you can easily change the light.

How do you replace a ceiling light in an old house?

We can easily replace a ceiling light in an old house by carefully observing its wiring and connection systems. All the remaining procedure for installing the light remains the same.


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