Small Bedroom Lighting Ideas 2023

small bedroom light ideas

The more light you have in your bedroom, the better. But don’t just focus on the overall amount of light. Think about where that light is coming from and if it’s the right type of light (or if it can be replaced with better lighting).

How to choose the right kitchen island and what not to forget

pendant lights for kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the most requested elements for new and renovated kitchens, as they can significantly make the space more functional and pleasant. However, choosing the right kitchen island is not easy, so we have prepared a kitchen island guide that will help you with your choice.

How to choose lighting for your home

living room lighting

Do you furnish housing? Believe that well-chosen lighting can do wonders. However, finding your way around and choosing the right one in the rich assortment of lighting fixtures can sometimes be challenging. Our article will help you select lighting for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom and office.

What is the best light for kitchens?

best lights for kitchen

The best light for kitchens can vary depending on the size and layout of the kitchen and the amount of natural light that the kitchen receives. In general, however, certain lights work best in kitchen environments.

7 Practical Ceiling Lights That You Need To Know About

Every room would be dark if there were no ceiling lights. It’s something we never think about, as they’re essential to our homes, and our lives.

But design is a true representation of ourselves, and that includes the ceiling lights! Whether it’s LED ceiling lights, track lights, chandeliers, we’ve got you covered for when it’s time to choose the perfect lighting for the rooms that need a makeover!

19 Bedroom lighting ideas 2023

Room designers have free reign when it comes to finding the best lights for bedroom spaces. However, the usage of a bedroom, i.e. whether it is a parent’s room or a child’s, typically dictates the best type of lighting to use in the space.

How to Change Ceiling Light Fixture

install ceiling light

The ceiling light is the radiance of every room. Does your ceiling light damaged or outdated? If it requires replacement, you can replace it yourself; without consulting an electrician. It needs no rapid science to change ceiling lights; you can do it easily. Just you need a few tools, and replace the ceiling light through the following steps.

Flush Ceiling Light

flush ceiling light living room

You can use a flush mount ceiling light to make your home feel more welcoming and warm by lighting it. A flush mount ceiling light sits flush with the ceiling, creating a clean, modern appearance. Semi-flush mount lighting is partially exposed and comes in a variety of styles.

5 great ideas for bathroom lighting

When choosing the right lighting for your bathroom, there are many factors to consider. The size and layout of the room, the type of fixtures and fittings you have, and the overall style of your home all play a role in determining the best lighting scheme.