How to properly care for rattan outdoor furniture?

Regular and appropriate care of rattan furniture is essential so that it serves you as long as possible. It includes routine maintenance, including removing dirt and dust, and treatments that protect it from adverse environmental influences. So how to care for rattan furniture?

How to start caring for rattan furniture?

Proper care of rattan furniture will guarantee its long life. Rattan is a natural material obtained from the trunks of the rattan palm tree, which grows in South Asian regions. Furniture made from it is famous for its natural aesthetic appearance, high durability and ability to withstand adverse weather conditions. The design of rattan pieces of furniture often evokes traditional styles but with an emphasis on light construction that facilitates handling. The range of rattan furniture is comprehensive and includes chairs, tables, sofas and other outdoor furniture with many styles and designs, so everyone can choose the one that suits them best. But how to properly care for this type of furniture?

Care of rattan furniture includes its regular maintenance

Regular care of rattan furniture is essential, mainly about its regular maintenance. Use a soft cloth or a soft brush for general cleaning. Gently wipe the furniture to remove dust and dirt. You can use a solution of mild soap with lukewarm water for deep cleaning, but avoiding soaking the rattan too much is essential to avoid softening the material. Over time, rattan furniture can lose its lustre and fade. To maintain the furniture’s original appearance, it is advisable to apply a protective surface coating or wax regularly. This will restore its colour and protect the surface from external influences.

Protecting rattan furniture. What to look for?

Direct sunlight can negatively affect the surface of rattan furniture. Therefore, it is advisable to place the furniture in a shady place, if possible, or use a parasol, awning or other shading device. If the furniture is exposed to sunlight, use a surface protectant with a UV filter to help minimize the harmful effects of sunlight.

Although rattan furniture is relatively resistant to weather conditions, it is advisable to protect it from excessive moisture. If rain or wet conditions are in the forecast, cover the furniture with a waterproof fabric or move it indoors. This minimizes water penetration into the rattan and reduces the risk of mould and deformation. If the rattan furniture gets wet, ensure there is enough space and airflow around it so it dries out as soon as possible.

When handling rattan furniture, carefully avoiding any scratches or damage is essential. Sharp objects easily cause cracks or tears in the knitted material. Therefore, be careful and avoid knocking and scratching the furniture.

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How to care of rattan furniture in winter?

During the winter, as part of the care of rattan furniture, it is advisable to move it to a dry and covered area to protect it from frost and excessive moisture. If it is impossible to move the furniture, cover it with an impermeable fabric to provide additional protection from the elements. Proper storage and protection in winter help preserve the quality and durability of rattan furniture for a long time.

Try pillows and cushions

Pillows and cushions are a great way to increase the comfort, aesthetics, and protection of rattan furniture. When choosing them, choose quality and durable materials that are suitable for outdoor use and easy to clean. Ideally, you can wash them in the washing machine or clean them with a damp cloth, which makes it easier to keep them clean and fresh. Plus, they’re available in various colours, patterns, and textures so that you can match their look to your style and space design.

In addition, these cushions and cushions protect the surface of the rattan furniture by minimizing direct contact between the body and the material itself, which reduces the risk of scratches and marks on the surface. Thanks to them, the furniture’s lifespan is extended, keeping it in better condition.

Can you leave rattan furniture outside in the rain?

Synthetic rattan is very weather resistant. However, natural rattan should always be kept away from rain or snow so that it lasts as long as possible.

How long will rattan furniture last outside?

PE rattan is the best in terms of quality, and with good maintenance, the manufacturer claims a lifespan of 6-8 years. With proper handling, keeping rattan furniture out of the rain and winter will last a little longer.

Does water damage rattan?

Even though rattan is a natural material that grows near water, it is inappropriate to leave rattan furniture in the rain for a long time.

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