Best Tape Measures of 2024 (UK Review)

Tape measures are indispensable tools for precision in crafting, construction, and DIY projects. Selecting the best tape measure can make the difference between an amateur outcome and a professional-grade finish. Whether you’re hanging a picture or framing a house, accuracy is paramount, and the right tape measure can provide that. This guide will explore the features, durability, and ease of use of various models to help you find the best tape measure for your needs. From standout self-locking mechanisms to magnetic hooks and clear markings, we’ll cover what to look for in a top-tier measuring tape, ensuring your measurements are always spot-on.

Stanley – FatMax Xtreme Metric/ Imperial Tape Measure 8m/26ft 5-33-891

Best Tape Measure for Home Use
stanley tape measure

The FatMax Xtreme tape measure is designed with robustness and precision in mind, catering to both professional and home use. Its 32mm wide blade stands out for its durability, being touted as 10 times more resistant to abrasion compared to traditional lacquered blades, which suggests a prolonged life span of the measure, especially noting the unique blade cutting feature that protects the most frequently worn-out section, the first 15cm.

The heavy-duty casing is described as slip-resistant with easy-grip rubber molding, which implies enhanced stability and comfort during use. This could be particularly beneficial in active work environments where hands may be slippery or gloves are worn. Moreover, the casing is designed to be non-abrasive to other tools, implying it can be safely stored in a crowded toolbox without the risk of damage.

A notable feature is the 3 rivet Tru-zero hook, which adjusts to provide accurate internal and external measurements, a critical factor for precision work. The 150% larger end hook is an upgrade that aims to improve the ease of hooking onto various surfaces, possibly enhancing usability on diverse materials.

The product also features a Mylar-coated blade for added resistance to wear, and a patented airlock slide lock for effortless locking, which may contribute to ease of use and measurement stability.

Overall, the FatMax Xtreme tape measure’s features such as the wide, abrasion-resistant blade, durable casing, and precision-enhancing hook, packaged as a single unit, make it appear as a well-thought-out tool designed to withstand rigorous use and provide accurate measurements.

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Stanley 0-33-719 FatMax Tape Blade Armor 5m/16ft (W-32mm) STA033719 Pack of 3

Pack of 3
stanley tape measures pack of 3

The Stanley 0-33-719 FatMax Tape Blade Armor is a set of three tape measures, each extending to 5 meters or 16 feet, with a significant 32 mm blade width that enhances readability and extends up to 3.35 meters without collapsing, which is useful for single-handed operations. The extra-wide blade not only aids in ease of reading but also contributes to the tape’s standout feature, potentially increasing productivity during measuring tasks.

The tape boasts an exclusive cushion grip, designed to offer additional control for the user while also providing resistance to impact, which can be particularly valuable in a busy work environment where drops and impacts are common. This cushioned grip could also improve user comfort during prolonged use.

A unique selling point is the specially designed multi-function hook which offers versatility by gripping on the side, top, and bottom. This adaptability can be crucial when measuring different types of surfaces or materials. The tape’s end hook is reinforced with 3 rivets and is corrosion-resistant, ensuring durability and the accuracy of both internal and external measurements thanks to the tru-zero feature.

To further enhance its longevity, the tape measure is equipped with a new bumper designed to improve hook life. The forward blade lock is engineered for ease, providing a straightforward mechanism to lock and unlock the blade during use.

The blade is coated with Mylar, a material that purportedly extends the blade life up to 10 times longer than uncoated versions. This speaks to the tape’s durability and the brand’s focus on creating a long-lasting product.

The product specifications detail its barcode and part number for easy identification, and the pack of three implies a convenient bulk purchase for professionals who rely heavily on tape measures or teams that need a uniform measuring tool.

In summary, the Stanley 0-33-719 FatMax Tape Blade Armor presents itself as a robust, user-friendly, and durable option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. Its design considerations such as the extended standout, multi-function hook, cushion grip, and blade coating, all contribute to a tool that promises ease of use and resilience in demanding work conditions.

Milwaukee  LED Magnetic Tape Measure 7.5m

milwaukee tape measure

The Milwaukee 4932492469 LED Magnetic Tape Measure is more than just a measuring tool; it’s like a beacon in the toolbox, shining a light (quite literally) on your work with its built-in LED. Stretching a generous 7.5 meters, this tape doesn’t just measure; it clings magnetically to metal surfaces, a handy ally when you’re flying solo on a job.

No more fumbling in the dim corners of a new project site—the 100 lumens LED throws a glow bright enough to banish shadows, ensuring your measurements are spot on, even when the lighting isn’t. And when the power runs low, a quick zip charge via micro USB brings it right back to life, with a nifty indicator that gives you a heads-up before it winds down.

The 30 mm wide blade is a solid backdrop for clear markings, and the tape’s reach is long without being unwieldy—perfect for those times you need a steady line without a sag. There’s even a finger stop to keep your digits from becoming collateral when you’re snapping back to zero, a small but significant nod to the reality of on-site hustle.

What you get in the box is straightforward: one LED Magnetic Tape Measure, 7.5m of potential, ready to roll out and light up your measurements. It’s a single piece of equipment that feels like a trusty sidekick, geared up for whatever the day throws your way. This Milwaukee tape measure isn’t just about getting the job done; it’s about bringing a bit of brilliance to the work you do.

Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure Generation 2 Metric – Metric, 8m, 27mm

milwaukee tape measure

Meet the Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure Generation 2, an 8-meter powerhouse wrapped in a compact, impact-resistant ABS shell that’s ready for the roughest of workdays. It’s the kind of tape measure that feels good in the hand—the kind that’s been through the design wringer to ensure it doesn’t just measure up but exceeds expectations.

Generation 2 isn’t just a sequel; it’s a total evolution with its EXO 360 blade technology. The blade is like the superhero of tape measures—resistant to rips, less prone to wear, and tough enough to withstand a good tugging. And with a magnetic tip that snaps onto flat surfaces and pipes, it’s like having an extra hand when you’re flying solo.

The standout is longer, which translates to reaching further and measuring faster without the sag or bend that can throw off a measurement. And because the first 15 cm of the tape is where most of the action happens, there’s an anti-tear coating that acts like a shield, guarding against the daily nicks and cuts.

Then there’s the readability—a two-sided printing that’s clear and easy on the eyes, so you can keep the pace up without second-guessing the numbers. Plus, the patented finger stop is there to make sure you don’t get a snap-back surprise—a small detail that shows Milwaukee knows the devil’s in the details.

Comfort hasn’t been overlooked, either. The overmoulding on the housing isn’t just for show; it’s for those long hours when you appreciate the little things, like a comfortable grip. The wire form belt clip is a clever twist, keeping your pockets intact, and the lanyard hole is a nod to the heights and the hustle, keeping the tape close and secure.

In short, the Milwaukee STUD Tape Measure Generation 2 is a measuring maestro, crafted with the grit of the jobsite in mind. It’s a tool that doesn’t just do its job; it does it with a finesse that might just make you look forward to the next measure-up.

Lufkin Unilok Tape Measure – Imperial & Metric, 26ft / 8m, 19mm

lufkin tape measure

The Lufkin Unilok Pocket Tape is a standout contender in the world of compact measuring tools. It’s a nifty little number that offers the best of both worlds with its dual metric and imperial graduations, making it a versatile pick for a global workforce.

Sporting an 8m/26ft yellow clad blade, it’s not just long but also designed to endure with an abrasion-resistant surface. The two-color scheme on the markings is a small touch that speaks volumes about readability under various light conditions.

Where this tape measure really shines is in the details: a self-adjusting end hook for ease and precision, promising accurate measurements from the get-go. Coupled with a lightweight yet high-strength case, it feels good in your hand without weighing you down.

The removable belt clip is a thoughtful add-on, providing convenience for the professional on the move. And for those moments when you need a steady measure, the toggle lock is a reliable guardian, keeping the blade fixed exactly where you need it.

A built-in shock absorber is the unsung hero of this tape measure, ensuring a smooth, cushioned return of the blade every time, which is not just a nod to durability but also to user safety.

With a blade accuracy rated at EC Class II, the Lufkin Unilok Pocket Tape strikes a balance between precision and practicality, making it an excellent companion for those who need reliable and clear measurements on the fly. Whether you’re a seasoned pro on the site or a dedicated DIYer at home, this tape measure is poised to measure up to your expectations.

Most Expensive Tape Measure – IT/3MT 3MTR Non-conductive Tape Measure – Itl Insulated Tools Ltd

most expensive tape measure

The ITL Insulated Tools Ltd IT/3MT 3MTR Non-conductive Tape Measure is a trusty sidekick for any tradesperson who braves the elements and the electrical hazards of the jobsite. This isn’t your average tape measure—it’s a fortress in a compact, 3-meter form, boasting a blade forged from non-stretchable FRP. With a urethane resin coating, this blade is not just tough; it’s a survivor, resisting the wear and tear that comes with the territory.

This tape is more than a measuring device; it’s a guardian. Suited for those who navigate risky electrical environments, its non-conductive nature means it’s not just part of the toolbox, but part of the safety gear. Every slide of the blade is a smooth, metric revelation, with 1mm increments that promise precision.

The housing? It’s robust plastic, not just to fend off the knocks and drops but to cradle that precious, insulated blade—a shell that’s prepared for whatever the day throws at it. And with a blade lock that snaps to attention, your measurements won’t slip away from you.

But let’s talk about the heart of this tool—the unique injection moulded technique that gives it a lifetime of reliability. This isn’t just manufacturing; it’s craftsmanship, ensuring that the tape measure doesn’t just last a while but a lifetime, backed by a guarantee that’s as solid as the tool itself.

From the spring blade return that makes retraction a breeze to the full insulation that exceeds international standards, this tape measure doesn’t just meet the mark, it sets it. It’s a small but mighty warrior, armed to the teeth with features that aren’t just about getting the job done but getting it done with an unwavering commitment to safety and durability.

In short, the ITL Insulated Tools Ltd IT/3MT Tape Measure is a measure of security in an unpredictable world, a tool that promises to be there, measurement after measurement, year after year. It’s not just a tool; it’s peace of mind, wrapped up in a 3-meter package that’s ready for almost anything.

All You Need to Know About the Best Tape Measures

Are tape measures 100% accurate?

Tape measures are not 100% accurate. They are subject to various tolerances and potential user errors. Manufacturing variations, temperature changes, and the tension with which the tape is extended can all affect the accuracy. For precision work, tapes are rated by class (e.g., Class I, II) indicating their degree of accuracy, with Class I being the most accurate. Even with a high-accuracy class rating, a tape measure used improperly or worn from use can give imprecise measurements.

Who Makes the Best Metric Tape Measure?

Determining who makes the best metric tape measure is subjective and depends on professional needs and personal preferences. Brands like Stanley, Milwaukee, and DeWalt are renowned for their durable and innovative designs, often favored by professionals for reliability and accuracy. However, the “best” can vary based on specific features like magnetic tips, blade coating, standout length, and added technologies such as LED lights. It’s best to consider the tool’s intended use, desired features, and user reviews to decide which tape measure is best for your needs.


In conclusion, the quest for the best tape measure hinges on a blend of durability, accuracy, and user-friendly features. Whether it’s the ruggedness of a Milwaukee, the precision of a Stanley, the innovation of a DeWalt, or the compact design of a Lufkin Unilok, the market offers a tape measure for every type of craftsman. While some may prioritize blade length and standout, others might focus on ease of reading, dual-scale measurements, or added safety features. The right choice is one that aligns seamlessly with your work habits and environment, enhancing your efficiency and precision on the job. Remember, a tape measure is not just a tool but a trusty extension of a professional’s hand. So choose one that feels right for you, and it will undoubtedly play a pivotal role in achieving those perfect measurements on every project.

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