Wall Ties And Starters

Wall ties and starters are integral components in the construction and maintenance of robust and structurally sound buildings. As foundational elements within the category of building materials, wall ties and starters play a pivotal role in ensuring that masonry walls are securely joined to each other and to the main structure of a building, thereby providing stability and support. Wall ties, also recognised as brick ties, serve as crucial connectors that bridge the gap between an inner and outer wall, effectively preventing the walls from separating over time. They are particularly vital in the construction of cavity walls, where their presence helps in stabilising the structure and in enhancing thermal and acoustic insulation. On the other hand, wall starters, which include starter ties and systems, are designed to ensure a seamless and secure connection when new masonry walls are to be adjoined to existing structures. These components are indispensable in both new builds and renovation projects, facilitating extensions and modifications with ease and reliability. The selection of high-quality wall ties and starters from this category guarantees not only the structural integrity of buildings but also contributes to the longevity and durability of construction projects. In light of their significance, choosing the right wall ties and starters is essential for architects, builders, and contractors aiming to meet and surpass the rigorous standards of modern construction, thereby ensuring safety, sustainability, and aesthetic harmony of the built environment.
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Stronghold Wall Starter Kit - Stainless Steel Adjustable Ties (SWC)
Stronghold Wall Starter Kit - Stainless Steel Adjustable Ties (SWC)
£13.14 Bradfords.co.uk