Step Edging

Step edging, a cornerstone in both the function and aesthetics of stair construction, stands as a quintessential category for those involved in building and architectural enhancements. This category encompasses a variety of products designed to provide a refined finish to the edges of steps, thereby enhancing safety by reducing the risk of slips and falls, and simultaneously adding to the visual appeal of the staircases. Step edging solutions come in a broad range of materials, including metals such as aluminium and brass, as well as durable plastics and rubber, each offering unique benefits in terms of durability, aesthetics, and ease of installation. As a vital component in construction and renovation projects, step edging not only serves a practical purpose by safeguarding individuals against potential accidents but also contributes significantly to the overall design ethos of a space, making staircases more pronounced and professionally finished. For architects, builders, and DIY enthusiasts alike, understanding the nuances of step edging is essential for selecting the right product that marries functionality with style. By incorporating step edging into stair design, one can ensure a higher level of safety, whilst also elevating the architectural integrity of the space. The variety within this category caters to a wide spectrum of preferences and requirements, underscoring the importance of step edging in modern construction and design practices.
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Silver effect Aluminium Unequal L-shaped Step edging, (L)1m (W)45mm
Silver effect Aluminium Unequal L-shaped Step edging, (L)1m (W)45mm
from £12.29
Grey PVC Equal L-shaped Angle profile, (L)2m (W)20mm
Grey PVC Equal L-shaped Angle profile, (L)2m (W)20mm
from £8.43
Mac Allister uPVC Edging strip (W)70mm
Mac Allister uPVC Edging strip (W)70mm
from £8.00