Cavity Trays And Closers

Cavity trays and closers serve as an integral part in the construction and maintenance of buildings, providing essential protection against water ingress in cavity walls. These components, crucial in safeguarding the structural integrity and longevity of buildings, are specifically designed to direct water out of the cavity, effectively preventing any moisture from penetrating the inner wall. A well-installed cavity tray system, comprising preformed units that are placed at critical junctions such as above windows, doors, and at the base of walls, ensures that water is efficiently redirected away from the building, thus mitigating the risk of dampness and water damage within the interior spaces. Similarly, cavity closers not only assist in minimising thermal bridging but also provide a convenient and secure framework for the installation of windows and doors, enhancing the building's energy efficiency and comfort levels. Given the pivotal role cavity trays and closers play in construction, selecting high-quality materials and components becomes paramount. This category encompasses a wide range of products suited for various applications, offering solutions that meet the rigorous standards of modern construction practices. Whether renovating an existing structure or embarking on a new build, understanding the functionality and benefits of cavity trays and closers will significantly contribute to achieving a durable, energy-efficient, and moisture-resistant building envelope.
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Type E Cavitray For Existing Walls 457mm
Type E Cavitray For Existing Walls 457mm