Constructing Your DIY Kitchen: 5 Beautiful And Awesome Colour Palettes That Will Empower And Give You Strength

Are you a kitchen customization master? A DIY kitchen expert? Well, even if you’re not, a great place to start with planning your kitchen is the colours. Why the colours? Because when used correctly, they can have a powerful subliminal effect on your subconscious. That’s why a DIY kitchen is always the best option. But here’s why:

The Psychology Of Colour

As human beings, we can perceive information tremendously, even things that we can’t quite hear, can’t quite see, are processed by the brain.

Colours come into this in the same way. Sure, they don’t have inherent meanings, but we have to make sense of them. We do this by attributing emotions to them. It’s why you have a favourite colour. If they mean nothing, then why have a favourite?

DIY Kitchens Can Give You A Sense Of True Ownership

By leaning into a certain colour palette for your DIY kitchen, you can fully optimize the meaning of the colours. Obviously, we’d lean into our favourite colours to begin with, but too much can be, well, too much. Subtly is key.

But even with a slight dash of your primary colour, you can attach yourself to your kitchen in a way beyond where you cook your meals. It becomes yours, and aligns with your mental process. It’s a great thing to think about.

Here are some examples of colour palettes for your kitchen, and what the colours can mean.

1st Pallete — Dark Blue: Pride

The main attribute of Dark Blue is pride. Pride in its base form means a positive sensation of someone, something, or an accomplishment.

If pride is something that you personally strive to feel, then a dark blue kitchen is what you should aim for. Pride in something you’ve made yourself is always a good thing, especially if you get to show it off to your friends, family, and neighbours!

blue kitchen

2nd Palette — Passion: Red

Red is one of those colours that you instantly know the meaning of. We associate it with fire, the colour that seems to make bulls furious, and feelings of warmth and being content.

We’ve chosen passion for our meaning of red. If you, yourself, are a passionate person, a kitchen with a red design is the best way to accentuate your powerfully emotional personality.

red kitchen ideas

3rd Palette — Vibrant: Orange

Orange is a great way of representing your happiness. On its own, the colour is known to inflict subconscious happiness, being a bright, and visually appealing colour.

Orange has transformed into a modern colour, and can serve as the perfect update to what used to be a boring, standardized kitchen. Plus, if done well, it can be the perfect compliment to a cold winter, appearing warm, and most importantly, inviting to spend time in.

orange kitchen ideas

4th Palette — Vigor: Green

Green has always been a staple in interior design, and it remains a powerful colour to this day. It’s as close as we can get to nature, bearing the same colour as trees and foliage.

Our meaning for green is vigor. Vigor represents good health, effort, energy, and enthusiasm.

If you’re the person that people flock too when they need a helping hand, some kind words, and to feel safe by you, a green kitchen can compliment your good nature and also have the same effect upon your visitors.

green kitchen ideas

5th Palette — Honour: Purple

Purple has often been signified by royalty, spirituality, and enlightenment. Strong characteristics are nothing to be ashamed of if you’re a person who’s in touch with your sense of self.

That’s why we’ve chosen Honour as the meaning. A person with true strong characteristics will no doubt be a force for good, helping others achieve the things they require in life.

purple kitchen ideas


A DIY kitchen is a great task to undertake. You have the opportunity to insert a piece of yourself into your home. A kitchen is special, and deserves to be a part of you. Don’t hold back when choosing the right colour that represents who you are as a person!

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