5 Best Electric Chainsaws For Wondrous Tough Projects

If you’re in the market for an electric chainsaw that can tackle tough projects with ease, then you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ve rounded up the 5 best electric chainsaws that are sure to impress even the most demanding users. These chainsaws have been handpicked for their exceptional performance, durability, and versatility, making them the perfect choice for anyone looking to take on wondrous tough projects. So, whether you’re a professional lumberjack or a DIY enthusiast, read on to discover the top electric chainsaws that will make light work of even the toughest cutting tasks.

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Uses For Electric Chainsaws

Yep, there’s more to an electric chainsaw than just cutting trees. They’re quite versatile in their application, but are largely used for working with wood.

We wouldn’t recommend taking a chainsaw to metal. In fact, let’s discourage that from here on out.

For safety reasons, on the off chance that this is the first time you’ve ever heard of a chainsaw, always wear gloves, eye protection, and ear mufflers. If you want to take a step further, there’s protective clothing that can turn a bad accident into a frightful scare.

As always, we encourage that you ensure you’re protected at all times, regardless of the tool you’re using. In this case, a chainsaw is nothing to play around with.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get the basics of what a chainsaw can be used for.

Electric Chainsaws:  Use #1 – Felling

The simple term for cutting down trees. Big trees, small trees, anything that a smaller, or less powerful tool, wouldn’t be able to cut through.

Electric Chainsaws: Use #2 – Limbing

Do you have a tree or a bush with some pesky branches? It’s time to limb it, or delimb it as it’s alternatively called, with a chainsaw. There are other tools you can use for extra precision, but if the branches are quite thick, a chainsaw has got you covered.

Electric Chainsaws: Use #3 – Chainsaw Art

There are artists out there that use chainsaws to carve wood and ice sculptures. Sure, this might not be the most functional reason to get your hands on a chainsaw, but woodwork is still woodwork, and we stand by that!

There are plenty more uses for using a chainsaw, but these are the most common ones, sparing the chainsaw art. Make sure you research your tool, and how to use it, before engaging with it.

What About Electric Chainsaw Upgrades And Modifications?

There are so many upgrades for a chainsaw, that’s we can’t go into each one. So, here’s a quick summary of what you can upgrade.

The Muffler

The muffler is the exhaust of the chainsaw. By either replacing the muffler with a one that has a wider port, you can improve the performance of the machine, and also account for noise if you’re conscious about that.

The Cylinder Head

The cylinder head accounts for airflow through the chainsaw, and in turn, increases saw power and general performance. You can increase the size of the cylinder using a dremel tool, but we advise caution as if done wrong, you may ruin your machine.

What to look for when choosing an electric chainsaw?

When choosing an electric chainsaw, there are several important factors to consider to ensure that you select the right tool for your needs. Here are some key things to look for when choosing an electric chainsaw:

  1. Power: The power of the chainsaw is a critical factor to consider as it will determine its cutting capacity. Look for a chainsaw with a powerful motor that can handle the types of projects you intend to use it for.
  2. Bar length: The length of the chainsaw’s bar determines the size of wood that it can cut. A longer bar will enable you to cut larger pieces of wood, while a shorter bar is more suited to smaller jobs.
  3. Chain speed: The speed of the chain determines how quickly the chainsaw can cut through wood. Look for a chainsaw with a fast chain speed to make quick work of tough cutting tasks.
  4. Safety features: Chainsaws can be dangerous tools to use, so it’s essential to choose one with adequate safety features, such as a chain brake, kickback guard, and safety switch.
  5. Weight and ergonomics: The weight and ergonomics of the chainsaw are crucial factors to consider, especially if you plan to use the tool for extended periods. Look for a chainsaw that is comfortable to hold and easy to maneuver.

By considering these factors, you can find an electric chainsaw that meets your needs and enables you to tackle wondrous tough projects with confidence.

5 best electric chainsaws

Now it’s time for the electric chainsaws that we recommend. Here are 5 chainsaws we know will get the job done!

1. DeWalt DCM575 54v XR Cordless Brushless FLEXVOLT Chain Saw 400mm – 1 x 9ah Li-ion, Charger, No Case

cordless chainsaw

This chainsaw features a high efficiency brushless motor and automatic oiling, which is the standard all chainsaws should meet. Simple, and easy to use, you can vary the speed with its trigger, with a chain speed of 15 m/s.

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2. DeWalt DCM565 18v XR Cordless Brushless Compact Chainsaw 300mm – 1 x 5ah Li-ion, Charger, No Case

cordless chainsaw

Another one from DeWalt, the difference with this chainsaw is that there’s less power behind it. Whilst this may seem like a bad thing, this might be a better choice for you if you’re not primarily dealing with thick wood, as the less power, the more precision you can get.

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3. Greenworks G24CS 24v Cordless Chainsaw 250mm – No Batteries, No Charger

cordless chainsaw

This chainsaw is a great all-rounder. With slightly more power than the DeWalt DCM565, standing at 24v, this isn’t a chainsaw you have to be afraid of. It includes a rear handle lock-off switch to avoid accidental start-ups, so if safety is your concern, opt for this.

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4. Makita DUC355 18v LXT Cordless Brushless Chainsaw 350mm – No Batteries, No Charger

cordless chainsaw

If you have a lot of Makita tools in your toolkit already, then a Makita chainsaw might benefit you the most. Why? The batteries are universal. It also has all the quality that Makita is known for, so it’s hard to go wrong with this if you’re a Makita fan.

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5. Bosch UNIVERSALCHAIN 18v Cordless Chainsaw 200mm – 2 x 6ah Li-ion, Charger

cordless chainsaw

The first Bosch chainsaw in the PowerForAll range. This is a light chainsaw that doesn’t skimp on its performance. Bosch has aimed for a quality of life focus, by implementing a felling handle, hand guard, a tethered oil cap, so you don’t keep losing them, and a tip guard. The tip guard, which is new to the industry and still awaiting a patent, so get your hands on this if you like new things!

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In this blog post, we’ve rounded up the top 5 electric chainsaws that are perfect for tackling wondrous tough projects. When selecting these chainsaws, we considered important factors such as power, bar length, chain speed, safety features, weight, and ergonomics. The chainsaws that made the cut are powerful, durable, and versatile tools that are perfect for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. With their exceptional cutting capacity, safety features, and ease of use, these electric chainsaws are sure to impress even the most demanding users. So, whether you’re planning to cut down trees, trim branches, or handle any other tough cutting task, you can rely on these electric chainsaws to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Buildiro lists top quality chainsaws from approved vendors, so you don’t have to worry about what you’re buying. With price history, wish lists you can categorize for each project, and a giant selection to choose from, you can’t go wrong with us. Start your search for the product you require here, and leave the rest to us. We’ve got you covered.

Can you cut down a tree with an electric chainsaw?

Yes, you can cut down a tree with an electric chainsaw. Electric chainsaws are powerful tools that can handle many of the same cutting tasks as gas-powered chainsaws. However, there are some limitations to using an electric chainsaw for tree felling.
First, the power of the electric chainsaw will determine the size of the tree that you can cut down. While some electric chainsaws are powerful enough to handle large trees, others may struggle with anything beyond medium-sized trees.
Second, the length of the chainsaw bar will also limit the size of the tree that you can cut down. If the tree is wider than the bar length, you will need to make multiple cuts from different angles to fell the tree safely.
Third, you will need to have a reliable power source nearby to operate the electric chainsaw. This can be an issue if you are cutting down a tree in a remote location where there is no electricity.
In summary, while it is possible to cut down a tree with an electric chainsaw, it is important to choose a chainsaw with adequate power and a bar length that can handle the job. Additionally, it is crucial to take all necessary safety precautions and follow proper felling techniques to ensure the safety of yourself and those around you.

Are cordless chainsaws worth it?

Cordless chainsaws can be worth it, depending on your needs and preferences. Cordless chainsaws are powered by rechargeable batteries and do not require a power cord or gasoline to operate. This makes them a convenient and eco-friendly option for those who prefer not to deal with the hassle of cords and gas-powered engines.
Cordless chainsaws are also typically lighter and quieter than their gas-powered counterparts, which can make them easier to handle and less disruptive to use. They also require less maintenance since they do not require regular oil changes, air filter replacements, or spark plug replacements.
However, cordless chainsaws do have some limitations. They typically have less cutting power and shorter run times compared to gas-powered chainsaws. Additionally, the battery may take a long time to charge, which can be inconvenient if you need to use the chainsaw for an extended period.
In summary, if you are looking for a lightweight, low-maintenance chainsaw that is easy to handle and good for small to medium cutting tasks, a cordless chainsaw may be worth it. However, if you need a chainsaw with more cutting power and longer run times for larger projects, a gas-powered chainsaw may be a better option.

Do you need oil for an electric chainsaw?

Yes, you do need oil for an electric chainsaw. The oil is used to lubricate the chain as it moves around the bar, reducing friction and preventing the chain from overheating and becoming damaged.
Most electric chainsaws have an automatic oiling system that dispenses oil onto the chain as it rotates. Some models have a manual oiling system that requires you to manually apply oil to the chain periodically.
It’s important to use the recommended type of oil for your electric chainsaw and to ensure that the oil reservoir is always filled to the appropriate level. Running the chainsaw without oil can cause the chain to overheat, become damaged, or break, which can be dangerous and costly to repair.
In summary, oil is an essential component of an electric chainsaw’s maintenance and should be used as directed by the manufacturer to ensure safe and efficient operation.


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