Joist Hangers

Join pieces of timber with top-quality joist hangers. Usually made of galvanised steel, joist hangers are suitable for holding heavyweight materials together with the help of screws. Their design and resilience makes them the perfect tool to anchor parts of the building such as decking, ceilings and floors. There are several reasons why joist hangers are the most reliable for these types of work - they are versatile, easy to fit, cheap, and provide stability one wouldn’t achieve with nails or screws alone. Buildiro offers joist hangers of various shapes and sizes. When choosing from our variety of joist hangers, first consider what kind of work you need them for. If you need them for trap hatches or in-fill timbers, opt for mini hangers. For deep timber applications, long leg jiffy hangers are suitable. You can also take a look at timber to masonry joist hangers and multi truss hangers.
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Expamet Galvanised Steel Joist hanger (H)200mm (W)75mm
Expamet Galvanised Steel Joist hanger (H)200mm (W)75mm
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