How Floor Lamps Are The Best Choice For A Dining Room

Whether you’re looking to add a bit of extra light to your dining room or want to create a warm and inviting atmosphere, floor lamps are a perfect choice. Unlike investing in a new light fitting which can involve hiring an electrician, a floor lamp can be added to your dining room or kitchen with no installation required and can completely change the look and feel in seconds. Since the kitchen and dining room are often considered the heart of the home, investing in this room can really make your home feel more luxurious and finished. So whether you have a dedicated dining room in need of some interior design TLC, or perhaps a kitchen diner that you’re using as a home office lately, let’s take a look at the power of floor lamps and why they’re the best idea for dining room lighting.

tripod floor lamp

Create Cosy Corners With Arc Floor Lamps

If you feel as though your dining room is a little dull, or you just don’t feel inspired to spend a lot of time at your kitchen table, an arc floor lamp could help. Arc floor lamps can illuminate small areas of your home, giving a more private and intimate touch whilst adding much-needed light throughout your home. 

Arc floor lamps are best when used alongside a warm glow bulb, and the design is sleek and straightforward enough to minimise distractions from the main event, the dining table, of course. And talking of a warm glow, single arc floor lamps, when positioned well, can give off the same amount of light as a whole room fitting. This is due to the design of the light, which helps it to evenly distribute light in every direction. So, create a cosy corner to entertain family or friends, or simply relax in while enjoying a meal and glass of wine in the evening. You’ll be surprised at how inviting your dining room now feels!

Arc Floor Lamps For Sectioning Off Areas 

Another major benefit of investing in arc floor lamps over a standing light fixture is that the lamp will help you to divide a large area into small zones. This is ideal if you have an open-plan kitchen-diner but would prefer a separate dining room. Rather than start a home renovation to create a separate room, add an arc floor lamp over the dining table and combine this with a feature wall. This is such as easy and affordable way to upgrade your home and create more places to relax and entertain. You can even apply this interior design trick to a breakfast bar or island seating area.

Be Edgy With Tripod Floor Lamps 

Tripod floor lamps are a great way to incorporate the minimalist look throughout your home but in a more organic way. Opt for a wooden design, and add to a kitchen diner or in the corner of a dining room for a more modern and edgy vibe. While you might think your room is too small for a floor lamp, adding this statement piece of furniture can actually give the illusion that your dining room is much bigger than it actually is. This is because it will draw the eyes towards the ceiling rather than focus on the dining table and chairs, which are likely taking up the most amount of space in the room. So, to combat a small dining room, invest in a wooden tripod floor lamp. You can thank us later!

Adjustable & Multifunctional 

Not only are floor lamps easier on the eyes, but they also provide a better overall light quality. The bulb’s shape allows light to spill evenly and around the room, unlike a desk lamp which can often be harsh and annoying.

The height of a floor lamp can also be adjusted with ease, which is really convenient if you’re using your dining room table for multiple purposes. When working from your table during the day, which a lot of remote workers are now doing, a floor lamp can be adjusted to help the room feel bright and spacious. Then, as it starts to get late, the lamp can be dimmed and lowered to turn the dining room into a more relaxing environment where you can enjoy a meal with your loved ones. 

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