6 Tips on How to Choose a Bathroom Mirror

The bathroom mirror is no longer just a practical accessory that significantly facilitates morning and evening hygiene. It also fulfils an aesthetic role and can greatly influence the entire room’s appearance. How to best combine functionality and design with a mirror, and what should you pay attention to when choosing? We will look at this in the following lines.

1. Dimension and the right placement

First, consider how much space you want and can dedicate to the mirror. In this case, other bathroom furniture is also essential, especially the basin cabinet. It should be about 10 cm wider than the mirror hung above it. The opposite ratio could look more flattering in terms of design.

However, it is also necessary to consider how high to place the mirror above the basin. Consider the people who will (or could, for example, use the mirror in the case of visitors). You should be able to see yourself comfortably in the mirror; crouching or standing on tiptoes while brushing your teeth is not very suitable, even for more minor children. Is the height difference in your family more significant? The solution is tall mirrors.

2. Consider the storage size

mirrored bathroom cabinet

Are you worried that your future bathroom will lack enough storage or space? Then you can use a mirror with suitable equipment. There are, for example, variants with a shelf that solve the placement of make-up or perhaps toothbrushes. If you would appreciate the place even more, rather than looking at the mirror, look at the mirrored bathroom cabinet, which obscures enough space behind the mirror for all kinds of cosmetic products and other bathroom necessities.

3. What shape do you like?

round bathroom mirror

Square mirrors are still among the most popular and common shapes, rectangles or squares. In terms of design, they are a safe bet and offer the largest area in which you can look.

Round mirrors have now found their place in modern bathrooms. They can soften the space and often become the most striking element of the room. However, their shape deprives us of a part of the viewing area and should be chosen more carefully and with sensitivity about the surrounding equipment and style. A pleasant compromise between these two variants is the oval mirrors, which look attractive and reasonably practical.

4. Bathroom mirror with a light

illuminated bathroom mirror

The mirror can do absolute wonders in the bathroom, and one of them is working with light. If you place the mirror opposite the window, it can illuminate the room beautifully and also visually enlarge it.

If there is still insufficient light in the bathroom, add light directly on the mirror to the classic ceiling lighting. For example, the LED strips on the sides of the mirrors work great. Women will also appreciate them when applying make-up, as they offer lighting from ideal angles. One of the disadvantages of mirrors with light is that the tone of the light rarely matches the other lighting in the bathroom so the result can look patchy.

5. Choose the right design

In short, the mirror has to look good in the bathroom, so remember to focus on its design when choosing. There are more than enough options. In minimalist or Scandinavian bathrooms, you can place a simple mirror without a frame, for example, in an oval or circular shape, to make it unique. If you want to make the mirror the room’s dominant feature, go for those set in attractive frames, for example. You can choose from many styles and buy a gold, wooden or perhaps black frame mirror.

6. Buy the mirror at the end

And one last piece of good advice: the mirror should be one of the previous elements you place in your bathroom. Why? It would be best if you chose it only after you know precisely where the other pieces of furniture will be placed, how high the sink will be, where the lights will be, etc. It can set the character of the entire room and thus must fit perfectly into the space and complete the overall impression. However, if you buy it ahead of time, it may be too big or too small, or it may not fit into the bathroom due to its shape or design. So leave its selection for the end and shop with a clear idea of how it should look.

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