Best Grout Removal Tool of 2023

In the home improvement and renovation world, few tasks are as simultaneously satisfying and daunting as reinvigorating the tiling in your living space. While fresh tiles can breathe new life into any room, the key to achieving that flawless finish lies in one essential step: grout removal. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or a seasoned pro, finding the best grout removal tool is your first crucial decision on your journey to a revamped space.
With options ranging from the high-tech efficiency of the electric grout removal tool to the traditional craftsmanship of the manual grout removal tool, it’s vital to understand which one suits your project’s unique needs. In this blog post, we’re here to help you navigate the world of grout removal tools, shedding light on the pros, cons, and everything in between. So, let’s dive in and discover how to make your next tiling project successful!

Best Grout Removal Tools

Electric grout removal tools

DeWalt XR 18V Cordless Multi tool DCS355N-XJ

Price from: £94

DeWalt DCS355 18V XR is a cordless oscillating multi-tool that runs on 18v XR batteries from DeWalt and supports 54v Flexvolt XR batteries. It has a Quick-Change accessory system, an Oscillating Tool Guide System, and a DDual-Grip variable speed trigger for precise control. The tool also has a brushless motor, universal accessory adaptor, and bright LED work light. With 0-20,000rpm oscillations per minute and a 1.6° oscillating angle, it’s an outstanding tool for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This cordless multi-tool is a great tool for grout removing.

Don’t forget to buy a grout removal blade together with DeWalt DCS355.

DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi Tool and Accessories – 240v

Price from: £110

This versatile and user-friendly tool is a must-have for DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Its ability to quickly change accessories and make adjustments, superior ergonomics, and variable speed trigger provide ultimate control and comfort. Its powerful 300w motor and LED light make it practical for various tasks, from clean cuts to detail sanding. Its impressive specifications and reliability make it an excellent investment for anyone who values quality and efficiency.

This multi-tool set includes a grout removal blade.

Bosch GOP 55-36 Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool and Accessory Pack

Price from: £294

The Bosch GOP 55-36 is a powerful, versatile oscillating multi-tool for professional use. It’s compatible with StarlockMax accessories and has 12 adjustable positions and variable speed control. It’s durable with a metal front cap and includes an accessory pack. It’s efficient and reliable with a 550w power input and output and no-load oscillation of 8,000-20,000 rpm.
It also works perfectly as a grout removal tool.

This tool set includes a grout removal blade. You don’t need to buy anything extra.

Makita DTM52 18v LXT Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi Tool

Price from: £178

The DTM52 is a cordless multi-tool compatible with Starlock accessories. It has an 18V LXT Li-Ion battery, a 3.6° oscillation angle, and produces up to 370W. It’s lightweight and suitable for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. This multi-tool is an excellent tool for grout removal.

Don’t forget to buy a Starlock Max grout removal blade. The grout removal blade is not included as well as batteries.

Multi-tool Grout Removal Accessories

Grout removal blades

Starlock Max Blades

Bosch MATI 68 RT3 Abrasive and Grout Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool Blade

Price from: £31

Introducing a specialised router blade, the Starlock MATI 68 RT3, designed to cut through grout and other rigid materials efficiently. Its pointed edges enable it to easily manoeuvre tight spaces, while its 30mm length is perfect for deep cuts. The 68mm width and carbide grit 30 cutting edge allow quick and effective material removal, making it an excellent choice for routing in hard-to-reach areas. Blade removal and exchange are also made simple thanks to the Starlock Max system, and the blade’s carbide grit 30 ensures durability and long-lasting wear resistance.

Bosch Expert MATI 68 RD4 Abrasive and Grout Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool Segment Saw Blade 

Price from: £49.95

The Bosch Expert Corner Blade is perfect for removing grout between tiles. It has a long lifespan, can cut soft tiles, and reaches corners quickly. It comes in two versions: RSD4 for a spacing of 1.6mm and RD4 for regular-thickness grout. It has a Starlock Max mount for easy blade change and maximum power transfer—a must-have for tilers and fitters.

Fein 7 Piece Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool Grout Removal Professional Set

Price from: £41.95

Upgrade your renovation game with the StarlockMax GROUT RENEWAL set. It includes seven blades perfect for expansion joints, compatible with FEIN MultiTools and others with StarlockMax mounting. Get significant savings by purchasing the set, which contains one blade (65 mm), one very long blade (69 mm), and five universal blades (60 x 30 mm).

Starlock Grout Removal Blades

Bosch Expert AVZ 70 RT4 Abrasive and Grout Oscillating Multi Tool Removal Blade 70mm Pack of 10

Price from: £210

The Expert 3 max blade is a versatile multitool accessory that simplifies tile repair. Its innovative teardrop shape and high-grade carbide grit make removing damaged tiles, grout, and old mortar easy. With a Starlock mount for maximum power transfer and convenient blade change, the Expert 3 max blade is a must-have tool for any tiling job.

Fein 3 Piece Tiling Starlock Oscillating Multi Tool Tile Blade Set

Price from: £34.99

Upgrade your tile working game with the Starlock TILE WORKING combo. Three specialized accessories make removing tile joints in corners and edges easy. This particular product is fully compatible with all MultiTools that are equipped with Starlock mounting. It includes popular brands like FEIN and other commonly used ones.

Manual Grout Removal Tools

Grout Remover Tile Grout Saw Angled Grout Scraping Rake Tool with 3 Pieces Extra Replacement Accessories

Price from: £11.87

This grout remover saw is made of high-quality plastic and durable metal. Its diamond-style blade removes grout easily, even in hard-to-reach areas. The angled head and ergonomic handle make it comfortable to use. You’ll get the saw, three replacement blades, and an accessory that attaches with two screws.

Vitrex Grout remover

Price from: £6.25

This kit is essential for removing old sealant, grout, and caulk. It includes eight profiles for achieving various finishes and is compatible with fillers.

What to Consider When Buying a Grout Removal Tool?

When shopping for a grout removal tool, it’s crucial to consider whether you need an electrical or manual option, evaluate its durability, compatibility with your tile type, and the ease of use to ensure a smooth and efficient grout removal process.

Electric Grout Removal Tool Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Efficiency: Electric grout removal tools are typically faster and more efficient than manual ones. They can quickly remove grout from large areas, making them ideal for large tiling projects.
  2. Less Physical Effort: With an electric tool, you don’t need to exert as much physical effort as a manual tool. This can reduce strain and fatigue during extended use.
  3. Consistency: Electric tools often provide more consistent results since they maintain a constant speed and depth of grout removal. This helps ensure even tile spacing when regrouting.
  4. Variable Speed: Many electric grout removal tools have adjustable speed settings, allowing you to tailor the tool’s performance to different grout types and tile materials.


  1. Cost: Electric grout removal tools are generally more expensive than manual ones, which can be a significant initial investment for DIYers or small projects.
  2. Noise and Vibration: They can be noisy and produce vibrations, which might be disruptive or uncomfortable for some users. Hearing protection and safety goggles may be necessary.
  3. Less Precision: Electric tools can be less precise than manual ones when controlling the depth of grout removal. This may lead to accidentally damaging tiles.
  4. Maintenance: Electric tools require maintenance, such as blade replacement or cleaning, which can add to the overall cost of ownership.

In summary, electric grout removal tools offer speed and efficiency, making them suitable for large projects, but they can be noisier, less precise, and more expensive than manual options. The choice between electric and manual tools depends on the scale of your project, your budget, and your comfort with the equipment.

Manual Grout Removal Tool Advantages and Disadvantages


  1. Affordability: Manual grout removal tools are generally more affordable than their electric counterparts, making them a cost-effective choice for smaller projects or DIY enthusiasts on a budget.
  2. Precision: Manual tools offer better control over the depth of grout removal, which can be crucial for avoiding damage to the surrounding tiles. This precision is precious when working with delicate or intricate tile patterns.
  3. Quiet and Low Vibration: Manual tools produce minimal noise and vibration, providing a quieter and more comfortable working environment. This is particularly advantageous when working in residential areas or shared spaces.
  4. Portability: Manual grout removal tools are lightweight and portable, making them easy to transport and manoeuvre around tight spaces or vertical surfaces.


  1. Physical Effort: A manual grout removal tool can be physically demanding, especially for larger projects. It may require more effort and time than an electric tool, potentially leading to fatigue.
  2. Slower Process: Manual grout removal is typically slower than an electric tool, which may not be ideal for extensive tiling projects with tight deadlines.
  3. Inconsistent Results: Achieving consistent results with a manual tool can be challenging, depending on the user’s skill and experience. Inexperienced users may need help to maintain a uniform depth while removing grout.
  4. Limited Versatility: Manual grout removal tools may not be as versatile as electric ones. They might be less suitable for complex or thick grout and may not offer adjustable speed settings.

In conclusion, manual grout removal tools are cost-effective, offer better precision, and are quieter, but they require more physical effort and can be slower. Your choice between manual and electric tools will depend on your project’s scale, budget, skill level, and preference for noise and vibration levels.

Starlock Multi Tool Blades Types

As outlined on, the various Starlock fittings are closely tied to the power output of the multi-tool, with Starlock representing the least powerful and Starlock Max as the most potent option. The machine’s power output dictates the suitability of blades, as broader and longer blades place increased strain on the motor. Consequently, as blades increase in width and length, they adopt the appropriate Starlock fitting.
The primary purpose behind offering three distinct Starlock fittings is to safeguard your machine from overheating or excessive wear and tear.



In our exploration of grout removal tools, we’ve highlighted the pros and cons of electric and manual options. To help you make the right choice, we recommend:

Electric Grout Removal Tools:

  1. DeWalt XR 18V Cordless Multi tool DCS355N-XJ: A versatile cordless option.
  2. DeWalt DWE315KT Oscillating Multi Tool and Accessories – 240v: Offering power and accessories for varied tasks.
  3. Bosch GOP 55-36 Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool and Accessory Pack: For robust performance with an array of accessories.
  4. Makita DTM52 18v LXT Cordless Brushless Oscillating Multi Tool: A cordless brushless tool for efficient grout removal.

Grout Removal Multi Tool Blades:

  1. Bosch MATI 68 RT3 Abrasive and Grout Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool Blade: Ideal for abrasive tasks.
  2. Bosch Expert MATI 68 RD4 Abrasive and Grout Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool Segment Saw Blade: A precise segment saw blade.
  3. Fein 7 Piece Starlock Max Oscillating Multi Tool Grout Removal Professional Set: A comprehensive set for grout removal.
  4. Bosch Expert AVZ 70 RT4 Abrasive and Grout Oscillating Multi Tool Removal Blade 70mm Pack of 10: A pack of 10 blades for consistent results.
  5. Fein 3 Piece Tiling Starlock Oscillating Multi Tool Tile Blade Set: Specifically designed for tile work.

Manual Grout Removal Tools:

  1. Grout Remover Tile Grout Saw: Featuring an angled grout scraping rake tool with three extra replacement accessories.
  2. Vitrex Grout Remover: A reliable manual tool for precision grout removal.

Select the tool that best suits your needs to streamline your tile renovation project with ease.

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