Do solar lights work in the winter?

When we think of solar lights, visions of summer evenings may come to mind. But what about their performance during the UK’s chilly winters? This guide debunks common myths and offers practical advice on leveraging solar lights during the darker months.

do solar lights work in winter

Do Solar Lights Work in Winter? Understanding the Basics

Contrary to popular belief, solar lights are not just for summer. They’re designed to harness the sun’s power, even on overcast days, making them an invaluable lighting solution throughout the UK winter.

The Importance of Solar Lighting in UK Winter

As early twilight descends in the UK, solar lights become crucial for illuminating pathways and driveways, ensuring safe navigation for family members returning home in the dark.

Winter Challenges for Solar Lights and How to Overcome Them

While solar lights are convenient and easy to install, they face unique challenges in winter, such as reduced daylight and the need for proper placement to maximize light absorption.

Choosing the Best Winter Solar Lights in the UK

When selecting solar lights for winter use, consider factors like cold weather operation ratings, brightness levels, and durability to withstand the elements.


Solar lights are not just a summer accessory; they’re a versatile, eco-friendly option for winter lighting in the UK. By choosing the right products and understanding their maintenance, you can enjoy well-lit outdoor spaces all year round.


How good are solar lights in winter?

Solar lights can bring a lot of magic to your garden, and many will work long into the dark evenings, even when only getting a charge on an overcast day.

Why are my solar lights not working in winter?

If your lights were working in summer but have stopped in winter, it is most likely due to two reasons. The first is that your lights struggle to charge sufficiently due to the shorter days or overcast weather. The second option is that the light is not winter-rated and may have stopped functioning.

Can you leave solar lights up in winter?

Should you bring solar lights in during winter, worry no more. As long as they are winter rated, as most outdoor solar lights are, you can keep them out all season. 

Do solar lights charge in the winter?

Yes. Solar lights can charge faster in the winter. Thanks to solar cells’ properties, they perform better when cold, despite the weaker light of winter. However, because the days are shorter, solar lights may not provide as much light in the winter as they do in the summer, so check how many hours of charging the light will need to provide the number of hours of lighting you need in the darkness.


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