DeWalt Angle Grinder Reviews

The DeWalt Angle Grinder has been developed to make your life easier. The DeWalt Angle Grinder is a powerful tool that can help you with any job, from cutting and grinding to polishing and sanding. It’s also great for removing dirt, rust and paint from your vehicle or home.

The angle grinders made by DeWalt come with a variety of attachments, which allow you to easily cut through many materials: bricks, concrete, wood, tile and more. You can also use the DeWalt Angle Grinder to shape metal parts in your workshop or home renovation projects.

The angle grinders from DeWalt is easy to use: just turn it on and let it do the work!

DeWalt DCG405N 18v XR Brushless Angle Grinder (Body Only)

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The DeWalt Angle Grinder DCG405N has a solid body and a rubber over mould for enhanced grip, so you can get the job done without worrying about dropping it. The two-position side handle provides greater control, whilst the electronic brake stops the wheel quickly when the trigger is released.

If you’re looking for a brushless angle grinder that can handle any job, the DeWalt 18V DCG405 XR Brushless Grinder is your best bet.

Features and Benefits

  • 18V Brushless Motor
  • The electronic Brake stops the wheel quickly when the trigger is released
  • An electronic Clutch reduces the kickback reaction in the event of a pinch or stall
  • Mesh Covers restrict dust from being sucked through the motor
  • Rubber overmould provides enhanced grip and comfort
  • Two-position side handle offers greater comfort and control
  • Power-Off Overload Protection
  • Kickback Brake
  • Soft Star feature allows a slow speed build-up to avoid an initial jerk when starting
  • Disc Diameter: 125mm, M14 Spindle

Price History

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DeWalt DCG418 54v XR Cordless Brushless FLEXVOLT High Power Angle Grinder 125mm

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A bit of professional, the DeWALT DCG418N FlexVolt 125 mm carbonless cordless angle grinder is a new replacement for older version DCG414. It has many innovative features like more efficient performance, improved internal components and enhanced electronic module which makes it more efficient than other models. It also has electronic brake and clutch for increased operator safety and electronic brake quickly stops the rotor when the trigger is released. It also has mesh cover over air intake ports to prevent dust and dirt from entering the motor which improves its durability. The safety switch on the grinder prevents accidental start-up making it easy to use. It has easy adjustment of the protective cover without the use of other tools improves its versatility of applications. The recessed spindle lock design allows for maximum depth of cut and better switch protection when used in tight spaces so that you can cut through material with ease. It also comes with contoured rubberized rear and side handles providing users with improved grip and working comfort.

Features and Benefits

• Part of the new Flexvolt High Power range
• Brushless 54v motor enables improved performance in demanding applications
• Electronic Brake stops the wheel quickly when the trigger is disengaged
• Electronic Clutch reduces the kickback reaction in the event of a pinch or stall
• Mesh screens over air intake vents restrict dust being sucked through the motor
• Rubber overmould provides enhanced grip and comfort
• Recessed spindle lock design allows max depth of cut and greater protection to button when using in confined spaces
• Two position side handle offers greater comfort and control
• Flexvolt batteries are compatible with DeWalt 18v XR tools as well as the rest of the 54v Flexvolt range

Price History

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DeWalt XR 18V 125mm Cordless Angle grinder DCG412N – Bare

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With a powerful 7000rpm motor and low profile gear case, the DeWalt Angle Grinder is the perfect grinder for heavy duty cutting and grinding applications.

The DeWalt Angle Grinder takes 125mm diameter x 22.2mm bore cutting discs, so you can tackle any job that calls for a grinder. You can even use it to grind down your own metal tools.

The DeWalt Angle Grinder features a lock-off switch to prevent accidental starting of the motor.

You’ll get the most out of your DeWalt Angle Grinder with DeWalt XR Li-ion batteries—they provide up to 70 minutes runtime on a single charge!

Features and Benefits

  • Keyless guard for enhanced application versatility
  • Quick change disc release allows quick and easy disc removal
  • Low profile jam pot gear case improves gear durability

DeWalt DWE492K Angle Grinder 230mm – 240v

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If you’re looking for an angle grinder that will last you a long time and can handle the most demanding jobs, look no further than the DeWalt DWE492K.

This heavy duty machine has an abrasion protected motor for increased durability, so you know it’s going to work when you need it most. The 2200w machine is supplied with a robust carry case and has a two-position side handle for easy portability.


• Input Power: 2,200 Watt.
• No Load Speed: 6,600/min.
• Max. Disc Diameter: 230mm.
• Spindle Thread: M14.
• Length: 490mm.
• Height: 151mm.
• Weight: 5.2kg.


Whether you are a DIY enthusiast trying your hand at some home repairs or a tradesman who needs some serious gear, DeWalt angle grinders meet the challenge. They have been around for many years and with good reason, they are durable and come from a trusted brand that guarantees their product. What’s more, they offer power and reliability for all your grinding needs.

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