Best Milwaukee Impact Driver of 2024 (UK Review)

When it comes to high-quality power tools, there’s a brand that consistently stands out: Milwaukee. Among their range, the impact drivers particularly shine, bringing power, precision, and durability to any task at hand. Whether you’re familiar with the robust Milwaukee Impact Driver M18, the compact convenience of the Milwaukee Impact Driver M12, or the versatility offered by the Milwaukee Impact Driver 1 2, there’s a model designed for every task and every user. As professionals continue to hunt for the perfect tool, many are turning to the comprehensive Milwaukee impact driver set which boasts both the Milwaukee impact driver 1 4 and the latest Milwaukee impact driver gen 4. Dive in as we delve deep into what makes each of these drivers exceptional, guiding you towards the perfect tool for your workshop or job site. Welcome to the world of Milwaukee impact drivers!

Milwaukee Impact Driver M18FID2 18v M18 Fuel with 2 x 5Ah Batteries & Charger

Milwaukee Impact Driver  M18FID2


  1. Versatile Performance Modes: The Milwaukee M18FID2 offers four unique modes catering to a variety of applications. From precision work in Mode 1 to the balanced power of Mode 4 which auto-adjusts speed, impact, and torque, the tool ensures tailored use for different tasks.
  2. Power and Torque: Running on an 18v battery, the impact driver delivers a notable torque of 226 Newton Meters, suitable for most heavy-duty tasks.
  3. Efficient Speed: With a speed of up to 3600 RPM, this model ensures tasks are completed swiftly.
  4. Comprehensive Package: The inclusion of two 5Ah batteries and a charger means users are equipped for longer working durations. It is a bonus that batteries are not required separately.
  5. Design & Build: Sporting a sleek black color, the impact driver is designed for portability, weighing in at 5.58 kilograms.


  1. Weight: Some users might find the 5.58 kg weight a tad on the heavier side for prolonged use.
  2. Size: With package dimensions of 47.29 x 36.1 x 13.3 cm, it is not the most compact tool on the market.


The Milwaukee M18FID2 stands out for its adaptability to diverse tasks, thanks to its multiple modes. The power and torque it offers make it a strong contender in its category. The comprehensive package ensures users won’t need immediate additional purchases. However, its size and weight might be a consideration for those prioritizing compactness and lighter tools. On the whole, the Milwaukee M18FID2 seems like a well-rounded tool, especially for those in need of versatility and power.

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Milwaukee M12BID-0 Sub Compact Impact Driver, Black, 165mm

Milwaukee Impact Driver M12BID-0


  1. Compact Design: The Milwaukee M12BID-0 is true to its name, being a sub-compact impact driver. With product dimensions of 7.36 x 3.07 x 7.52 cm, it’s designed for tight spaces and offers enhanced portability.
  2. Lightweight: Weighing in at just 1.1 kilograms, this tool is comfortable for extended use and reduces user fatigue.
  3. Variable Speed: The ability to vary the speed according to the task provides increased control and versatility.
  4. Sufficient Torque for its Size: Despite its compact stature, it boasts a torque of 112 Newton Meters, which is commendable.
  5. Durable Material: Constructed from metal, the durability and longevity of the tool are assured.


  1. Battery Inclusion: Although the device uses product-specific Lithium-Ion batteries, they are not included in the package, which could mean an extra purchase for some users.
  2. Torque & Speed: While sufficient for many tasks, users in need of heavy-duty power might find the 112 Newton Meters torque and 2500 RPM speed a tad limiting.


The Milwaukee M12BID-0 is a testament to how power can be packed into a compact design. It’s an excellent tool for users who need a lightweight, yet efficient impact driver for everyday tasks. The variable speed and durable build are definite plus points. However, for those who frequently tackle heavier applications, considering the torque and speed is essential. The need to purchase batteries separately could be a minor inconvenience. Overall, it’s a reliable tool for users prioritizing portability and efficiency for moderate tasks.

Milwaukee M18FQID-0 18v Fuel Surge 1/4″ Hex Hydraulic Impact Driver Body Only

Milwaukee impact driver M18FQID-0 18v


  1. Hydraulic Technology: The “Fuel Surge” feature indicates hydraulic drive technology, which typically offers quieter operations compared to traditional impact drivers.
  2. Ultra-Lightweight: A standout feature is its weight, a mere 950 grams. This ensures minimal fatigue during prolonged usage.
  3. Sleek Design: The combination of red and black gives it a professional and stylish appearance, staying true to Milwaukee’s classic design palette.
  4. Variable Speed: Like other Milwaukee tools, the ability to vary speed enhances its adaptability across different tasks.
  5. Decent Speed: With a speed of 3000 RPM, it can handle a good range of fastening tasks efficiently.


  1. Torque: At 50 Newton Meters, this tool might not be the best fit for those who require high torque for heavy-duty tasks.
  2. Package Limitations: The package includes the body only, which means batteries and other accessories would need to be purchased separately.
  3. Maximum Power: Although it offers a maximum power of 800 Watts, some users might require more for specific high-demand applications.


The Milwaukee M18FQID-0 is a step in innovation with its hydraulic drive technology, offering users a quieter and smoother operational experience. Its super lightweight design is its key selling point, ensuring ease of use. However, its torque might be a limiting factor for some, so it’s essential to match tool capability with the intended application. While it is efficient for many tasks, those needing a complete set might find the body-only package a tad incomplete. It’s a well-designed tool suitable for users who prioritize quiet operation, lightweight design, and medium-duty tasks.

M18 FIW2F12-502X Fuel™ 1/2in Friction Ring Impact Wrench 18V 2 x 5.0Ah Li-ion

M18 impact driver FIW2F12-502X Fuel™ 1/2in


  1. Efficient Power Source: While powered by AC, this impact wrench also comes equipped with two 5.0Ah Lithium-Ion batteries, ensuring continuous operations even without direct power access.
  2. Lightweight Design: Weighing in at just 1 kilogram, this tool promotes ease of use and reduces the chances of user fatigue during prolonged tasks.
  3. Friction Ring Head: The 1/2 inch friction ring ensures secure socket retention while making it easy to change sockets without tools.
  4. Comprehensive Package: The inclusion of two Lithium-Ion batteries in the package ensures users have extended power for lengthier tasks.
  5. Robust Build & Dimensions: The package dimensions suggest a solidly built tool, promising durability and longevity in demanding environments.


  1. Fixed Square Head: While efficient for many tasks, some users might prefer a pin detent design for certain applications.
  2. Package Weight: Some users might expect a more compact design given its lightweight, but the package dimensions suggest otherwise.


The M18 FIW2F12-502X Fuel™ Impact Wrench from MIL is a well-rounded tool for those looking for a reliable impact wrench with the added benefit of both AC power and included Lithium-Ion batteries. Its lightweight design and friction ring head offer a blend of convenience and performance. The package is comprehensive, and users won’t need immediate additional purchases. However, its fixed square head might not be ideal for everyone, so it’s essential to match tool features with specific user preferences. Overall, for those in need of a durable and efficient impact wrench, this model is certainly worth considering.

What to Consider When Buying a Milwaukee Impact Driver?

When you’re considering purchasing a Milwaukee impact driver, it’s essential to evaluate several factors to ensure you’re getting the right tool for your needs. Here’s a rundown of key aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Power & Performance
    • Voltage: Milwaukee offers impact drivers in varying voltages, such as 12V (M12 series) and 18V (M18 series). Generally, higher voltage means more power but can also mean more weight.
    • Torque: Measured in Newton Meters (Nm), torque indicates the twisting force of the tool. A higher torque is essential for heavy-duty tasks.
  2. Battery Life & Charging
    • Battery Capacity: Check the ampere-hour (Ah) rating. A higher Ah means the battery can run longer before needing a recharge.
    • Charging Time: Consider how long the battery takes to recharge, especially if you’ll be using the tool continuously.
  3. Size & Weight
    • Depending on your usage, you might prefer a compact and lightweight design (like the sub-compact series) or a more robust tool for heavy-duty applications.
  4. Modes & Features
    • Many Milwaukee impact drivers come with multiple modes, enhancing versatility. For instance, some have precision modes, while others have settings that prevent damage to screws or materials.
    • Features like variable speed can offer better control over tasks.
  5. Ergonomics & Design
    • A comfortable grip, balanced weight distribution, and ease-of-use features, such as an easy-to-change bit holder, can make a significant difference in user experience.
  6. Durability
    • Look for features indicating durability, such as a brushless motor or a metal gearbox, which can increase the tool’s lifespan.
  7. Price & Warranty
    • Milwaukee tools tend to be on the pricier side, given their quality. Ensure the price matches your budget and the tool’s features.
    • A warranty is crucial. Milwaukee usually offers warranties, but always check the duration and what it covers.
  8. Included Components
    • Some packages come as “body-only” while others might include batteries, chargers, or even additional tools. Determine what you need to avoid buying unnecessary components or to ensure you aren’t left needing to make additional purchases.
  9. User Reviews & Recommendations
    • Always a good practice: check user reviews, ratings, and professional recommendations. These can provide insights into the tool’s real-world performance and potential issues.

In conclusion, while Milwaukee is a reputed brand known for producing high-quality tools, it’s still essential to consider the above factors to ensure you’re investing in the right impact driver for your specific needs and preferences.

Which Milwaukee Impact has the Highest Torque?

The highest torque in Milwaukee’s lineup of impact tools belongs to the M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrenches.

Background on the M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrenches:

Milwaukee’s M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrenches are designed for the most demanding tasks and applications. They have been developed to provide the user with unmatched torque output while retaining a compact and lightweight design, which is especially crucial for professional use in automotive and construction industries.

Key Features:

  1. Torque: These high torque wrenches can produce up to 1,400 ft-lbs of nut-busting torque and 1,000 ft-lbs of fastening torque. These numbers significantly outpace many of the competing impact wrenches in the market.
  2. REDLITHIUM Batteries: Coupled with Milwaukee’s advanced battery technology, these impact wrenches can operate for extended periods without a decrease in performance or overheating.
  3. REDLINK PLUS Intelligence: This ensures optimal performance and provides overload protection, enhancing the tool’s durability.
  4. Drive Control: Most models in this line have a proprietary Drive Control feature which allows the user to switch between multiple speeds and torque settings, ensuring maximum versatility and precision.
  5. Brushless Motor: The POWERSTATE brushless motor offers more extended motor life and more power, ensuring that the tool can handle the toughest jobs without wearing out quickly.

In conclusion, when it comes to sheer torque, the M18 Fuel High Torque Impact Wrenches from Milwaukee stand out from the crowd. They are designed for professionals who require significant power and reliability in their tools.

Can a Milwaukee M18 Impact Driver Remove Lug Nuts?

Yes, a Milwaukee M18 impact driver can remove lug nuts, but with a few caveats:

  1. Tool Specification: While the M18 impact driver is powerful and can handle many tasks, it’s primarily designed for driving screws. On the other hand, Milwaukee’s M18 impact wrench, especially the high torque models, is specifically designed for tasks like removing lug nuts and would be more suitable for this application.
  2. Lug Nut Torque: Lug nuts on vehicles are torqued to specific specifications that can range widely, often between 80-150 ft-lbs, depending on the vehicle. While the M18 impact driver might handle lug nuts torqued at the lower end of this range, it may struggle with those torqued towards the higher end or if the lug nuts have corroded or seized.
  3. Socket Adapter: If you are using an impact driver for lug nuts, you’ll need a hex-to-square adapter to fit standard sockets, which introduces another potential point of failure.
  4. Risk of Damage: There’s a greater risk of damaging the lug nut, stud, or the tool itself when using an impact driver for this purpose, especially if the tool isn’t up to the task.
  5. Precision: Impact drivers are not known for their torque precision. If you’re thinking of tightening lug nuts with one, it’s crucial to finish with a torque wrench to ensure they are torqued to the vehicle’s specifications.

Conclusion: While it’s technically possible for a Milwaukee M18 impact driver to remove lug nuts, it’s not the best tool for the job. An M18 impact wrench, especially a high torque model, would be a more suitable and safer choice for this task. If you must use an impact driver for this purpose, be sure to proceed with caution and always double-check the tightness of lug nuts with a torque wrench.

What’s the Difference Between Milwaukee M18 and Fuel?

The Milwaukee M18 and M18 FUEL lines are both part of Milwaukee’s 18-volt cordless tool platform, but they have distinct differences:

  1. Motor Technology:
    • M18: The standard M18 line predominantly uses brushed motors. Brushed motors have been around for a long time and are reliable, but they often require more maintenance due to brush wear and are generally less efficient than brushless motors.
    • M18 FUEL: This line utilizes POWERSTATE brushless motors. Brushless motors offer better efficiency, increased power, longer lifespan, and reduced maintenance compared to brushed motors.
  2. Performance and Intelligence:
    • M18: Provides solid performance suitable for a wide range of applications.
    • M18 FUEL: Integrated with REDLINK PLUS Intelligence, which ensures optimal tool performance and provides overload protection. This system communicates between the tool, battery, and charger for the best system performance. Tools in the FUEL lineup tend to be more powerful and have longer runtimes than their standard M18 counterparts.
  3. Battery Technology:
    • M18: Compatible with Milwaukee’s REDLITHIUM batteries.
    • M18 FUEL: While also compatible with REDLITHIUM batteries, the FUEL lineup often pairs with the higher-capacity versions for extended work time and takes full advantage of the battery’s capability.
  4. Durability:
    • M18: Built to last and can handle tough job site conditions.
    • M18 FUEL: Typically has more advanced features such as metal chucks (in drills) and other premium components that enhance durability and performance.
  5. Price Point:
    • M18: Generally, the standard M18 tools come at a lower price point compared to the FUEL variants.
    • M18 FUEL: Given the advanced technology, better performance, and added features, the FUEL models tend to be priced higher.
  6. Applications:
    • M18: Suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals who don’t necessarily require top-tier performance for every task.
    • M18 FUEL: Designed for professionals and heavy-duty applications where peak performance, durability, and extended runtime are critical.

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