The Modern Bathroom Remodel: Discovering Space In A Tiny Bathroom

The modern bathroom is one of the most sacred places within a household, and also the most sensitive. Whoever you are, nobody wants a small bathroom, but when life deals its hand, it may be impossible to avoid. Maybe it’s time to consider a bathroom remodel?

A bathroom remodel doesn’t have to just be replacing a leaky tap, or changing the colour of your tiles. You can rearrange the space, and find out that there was more to your bathroom then meets the eye.

So, this team cobbled together a bathroom remodel to transform a cramped, run-of-the-mill bathroom, into the perfect modern bathroom. Take a look!

bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel

The Goal Of This Bathroom Remodel

As you can see, the bathroom is quite narrow and takes up a lot of central space. To give the original design credit, they worked within their means to provide the essentials for a small space. But for modern bathrooms, it misses the mark.

You’d be surprised at how the team performed this bathroom remodel. They focussed on saving space, and using every square inch of this room, in the most optimized way possible.

Out With The Old, In With The New

The process begins by stripping everything down, and starting again. The tiles on the walls were removed, along with the flooring.

To make a modern bathroom, key design elements must be accounted for. Things like colour theory, lighting placement, and as previously mentioned multiple times, spacing.

This also helps with obtaining the true measurements of the bathroom, as every inch and centimetre, counts.

Pipes, Wires, And Behind The Scenes

The next step is what’s behind the walls and above the ceiling. Plumbing, electricity, waste management, all of that good stuff.

To make more room, it’s impossible to ignore these things. Nobody wants a toilet that leads to nowhere, or a bath that  doesn’t run water. But you knew this already, of course.

The team knew already where things were going, before starting the remodel. But for the sake of displaying how remodelling can really open up space when it seems impossible, it’ll be revealed soon.

bathroom remodel
bathroom remodel

Lighting The Stage And Protecting The Walls

Next up, the plasterboard and the viewable ceiling.

Lighting is more important to a modern bathroom than you think. Placement of new lights has to be considered, to truly enhance the new fittings, and what will soon be tiles placed on the wall.

You not only want those lights to show off the strong colour scheme, but if you have the chance to reflect light, do it. It’s a very efficient way to light up the entire bathroom, whilst also taking advantage of new modern bathroom designs.

Plasterboard is installed into the walls as well. Naturally, a bathroom is subject to a lot of moisture build up, and whilst a ventilator can solve the problem, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the extra step. Plasterboards can now be moisture resistant, meaning there’s low to minimal chance that they’ll suffer from damp. It also provides an extra layer to the exposed walls you can see, meaning that if time does its thing, it’ll still take an extreme amount of time to damage anything with moisture.

underfloor heating
bathroom ideas

New Bath, New Sink, New Life

Now we get to the good part, as you’ll see that it’s time to install the new bath and the sink.

This is a gorgeous square bath, that fits perfectly into the end of the room. The previous bath was vertical to the entryway, reducing your walking path. It might seem like a small thing, but it truly does make things feel cramped and unwelcome.

The sink is also smartly placed. Whilst the sink looks a lot bigger than the previous one, it lines up quite neatly with the left part of the door frame, meaning 2 things. There’s not a lot of obstruction with walking, and your sight is drawn to the bath area upon entry, where the magnum opus resides.

Grouting And Tiles

Now we move onto the tiles and grouting.

Grouting is definitely something you want to avoid getting wrong, or have someone do it improperly. Grouting is what will keep your tiles in place, for a very, very long time. Make sure whoever’s doing your grouting can do it properly, as it can result in problems in the future.

The tiles were an amazing choice by the team, and they certainly understood colour theory. Again, spacing is key here. By having a strong colour at the end of the room, this being a very deep ocean blue, it draws your eyes to the furthest part of the bathroom, and encourages a sort of psychological effect. The room becomes longer than it appears.

The side tiles are a subtle white, to make sure that there’s no distraction on that beautiful, oval tiled design. For the places that aren’t tiles on the walls, a subtle pink fits in greatly with the colour scheme, strengthening the bold colour at the end, without being boring and unmodern.

And lastly, the floor tiles. The use of this retro design is actually another psychological effect. Whilst small, the number of the tiles is huge, and as human beings, we like big numbers. More things mean more things, and we like quantity. In a simpler way, it’s a different design to your standard tile layout, and can be described as an alternative choice. In other words, it makes up a modern bathroom.

For The Added Touch

Now that the tiles, grouting, and placement of important amenities has been dealt with, it’s time to move onto the extras.

Let’s start with the mirror. This is a medium sized mirror that fits in well with the dimensions of the sink. A big mirror lends well to increasing space, as it gives off the illusion that the room is a lot bigger than it actually is. Mirrors don’t have to be expensive either, so it’s a great little way of expanding a room, in a non-specific way.

bathroom tiling
bathroom ideas

If you’ve been wondering where the toilet is, it’s here now!

You’ll notice that the toilet sticks out a bit more than the sink, but it’s not so imposing that it’s noticeable. It’s a forgivable thing, and the sink does an impressive job in hiding the majority of the toilet, minimizing distraction away from the bath.

And finally, the new taps and the towel rail. A modern bathroom tap is easy to come by, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you already have one. But if you don’t, don’t forget to include it in your bathroom remodel. Taps are used often, so invest in a high-quality tap when you get the chance!

The towel rail is space aware, and allows for multiple towels to be placed. It’s not so different from the old silver towel rack, but the colour does lend itself to the scheme of the bathroom, and the thickness of the rails makes it more bold. The more bold a thing is, the better it can stand in line with the rest of the design.

Filling In The Gaps

For the final touches, it was time to fill all gaps with silicone, so everything looks smooth and there’s nothing unsightly standing out.

If you see cracks and unsealed spaces, they can draw an extreme amount of attention, as we’re naturally drawn to symmetry. Using silicone, we can eliminate that problem for quite a long time, and can easily be resealed at a low cost if there’s any wear and tear.


As you can see, yes, it is possible to transform a cramped looking bathroom into something that looks open, modern, and inviting. All it takes is a simple bathroom remodel, a creative team who knows what they’re doing, and the right products and tools.

If you have concerns about your bathroom being stuck the way it is, I hope this case study has answered that question for you!

Project made by: LM Solutions Ltd.

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