How to choose the right kitchen island and what not to forget

pendant lights for kitchen island

A kitchen island is one of the most requested elements for new and renovated kitchens, as they can significantly make the space more functional and pleasant. However, choosing the right kitchen island is not easy, so we have prepared a kitchen island guide that will help you with your choice.

How to choose lighting for your home

living room lighting

Do you furnish housing? Believe that well-chosen lighting can do wonders. However, finding your way around and choosing the right one in the rich assortment of lighting fixtures can sometimes be challenging. Our article will help you select lighting for the living room, kitchen, bedroom, children’s room, bathroom and office.

What is the best light for kitchens?

best lights for kitchen

The best light for kitchens can vary depending on the size and layout of the kitchen and the amount of natural light that the kitchen receives. In general, however, certain lights work best in kitchen environments.

How to Install a Pendant Light

install pendant light

Let’s first make sure we’re talking about the right kind of lighting.

Pendant lights are probably the most common type of room lighting, built as standard in most houses, they’re not complex, so they’re relatively easy to add or swap out.

There are different types of pendant lights, but the most common is the hanging light. It’s designed to be suspended from the ceiling by a wire or chain and has a shade that hangs down, made in various designs and materials, such as glass, metal framed with fabric and others.

Pendant lights can be used as your main source of light in a room or as accent lighting. They can be hung in a line over a countertop as task lighting, or a cluster over a dining room table. But at minimum, you’re likely to find one situated around the centre of the ceiling area.

19 Bedroom lighting ideas 2023

Room designers have free reign when it comes to finding the best lights for bedroom spaces. However, the usage of a bedroom, i.e. whether it is a parent’s room or a child’s, typically dictates the best type of lighting to use in the space.