How Much Does a New Bathroom Cost in 2023? (UK)

We’ve split the new bathroom costs into materials and installation for transparency. You’ll know the costs of each and can make informed decisions based on your budget. Let’s have a look at the average bathroom renovated in London. This case study can give you an idea of your financial expectations.

Bathroom Refurbishment in 2023? How To Plan, Find The Best Products, And Create A Beautiful Bathroom

The bathroom is one of the main necessities of life, and bathroom refurbishment is key to it. If you think about it, it’s actually one of the places you’ll have spent the most time in.

Knowing this, bathroom refurbishment isn’t actually a bad investment to make. It can affect your psychology, save on bills, and even raise the value of your property.

Taking that into account, how do you even start? Let’s take a look.