How to change GU10 spotlight bulbs

GU10 bulbs are the single most commonly used bulb in spotlights. However, the first time you encounter the need to change a GU10 bulb, it can sometimes be tricky to figure out how to do it.

Luckily, we’re here to help.

The GU10 light fitting can hold Halogen and LEd bulbs. The GU10 LED bulb has become the most popular spotlight bulb in the world because it is an energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and low-cost lighting solution. At the same time, halogens are slowly being phased out of most people’s homes due to their higher energy usage and fire risks.

gu10 bulb

How to change GU10 bulb

The GU10 light fitting indicates the type of bulb that fits, but it does not standardise the mechanisms within the fitting for securing the bulb. We’ll cover the two most common types of fitting options and one solution for when problems have occurred within your light fitting.

GU10 light fitting with rotating trim

Your GU10 light fitting can have a range of front pieces that hold the bulb in place, but the most common type is a rotating front trim that screws into the GU10 holder.

Before starting your GU10 bulb removal, ensure that the light socket is switched off at the wall. If you are in any doubt, turn off the power to the circuit at your circuit breaker.

1. If your light fitting has a rotating front trim, unscrew it until it is loose enough to remove by hand. If your light fitting uses a pinch clip, squeeze the two ends of the clip together and release it from the GU10 holder.

2. Remove the front piece. The bulb will hang loose on its wire and can be eased gently forward to make access easier.

gu10 bulb

3. Rotate the bulb anti-clockwise to disconnect it from the light fitting. This is only a small twist, so beware of accidentally breaking the bulb by applying too much force.

4. You may find a metal spring clip behind the front fitting that you have removed. Pinch the ends together to release this from the front element and lift it away. The bulb will now be free and can be separated from the light fitting.

5. The new bulb can be switched in, and then this process can be reversed. Reinsert the spring clip, ensuring that it is correctly aligned. Avoid touching the bulb with your skin, as it can shorten the lifespan of the bulb.

6. Insert the light assembly back into the light socket and twist clockwise to lock it in place before finally securing the light assembly into the fitting with a clockwise twist.

Spotlight bulb with spring clip only

Sometimes you’ll encounter cheaper GU10 light fittings that do not have a front trim. Instead, they have only the metal spring clip, with the prongs pointed downwards. Support the bulb gently with your fingers and squeeze the metal prongs together with your other hand.

The bulb should be released from the fitting, and the metal spring clip will allow you to twist the bulb anti-clockwise and pull it down from the fitting.

What to do when the spring clip is missing?

From personal experience, it’s possible to encounter situations where the bulb has been inserted into the can, but there is no spring clip. This is usually a case of user error – someone has pushed a bulb up and forgotten the clip. It’s easy to do in that direction, but it can be a nightmare to extract the bulb again.

Trying to lever the bulb out of the can will end up with smashed glass raining down onto you and the floor. Thankfully, there is an inexpensive solution to this, a GU10 bulb changer.

A GU10 bulb changer is simply an appropriately sized suction pad that allows you to stick it to the bulb, giving you safe leverage to twist and pull the bulb out of the socket.


It’s relatively easy to change your GU10 spotlight bulbs. Always switch off the power at the socket or circuit breaker before starting work and limit the amount you touch the bulb’s glass with your fingers, as this can shorten its lifespan. If you get stuck, refer back to this guide.


How do you change GU10 bulb out?

GU10 light bulbs can be easily changed by unscrewing the light fitting front trim and rotating the bulb anti-clockwise. For more information, follow our 6 step process in the article above.

How do you get a stuck GU10 bulb out?

The solution is cheap and simple. You need a GU10 bulb changer, a suction device that will allow you to grip, twist and pull your problem bulb.

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