7 Smart Ways To Conceal Garden Tools | Garden Tool Storage

For all you green thumbs out there, it’s time to explore some useful tips on how to smartly conceal your garden tools. Spend less time searching for misplaced garden tools and more time doing what you love amongst nature. With a touch of creativity, you will be surprised by the simple everyday items that you can use to transform your outdoor space into an organised garden tool rack or box.

Smart garden tool storage ideas

1: Design Your Own Garden Shed Idea

For those already good with their hands, a DIY project might be a great addition to your outdoor space. This garden shed idea allows you to easily organise your tools in the most convenient way for you and keep them neatly out of sight. Adequate garden tool storage need not cost the earth, especially when you are taking on the project alone. You also don’t have to be a DIY whizz as only minimal how-to knowledge is required if you do your research well. There is a multitude of garden tool storage guides that will help you to build your ideal garden shed with money-saving tips in mind. This detailed guide breaks down each step and lists exactly what you need to build the perfect garden shed for your specific range of garden tools.¹

2: Create a Storage Bench 

Want a storage space that is both versatile and practical? Look no further than a convenient storage bench that doubles as a garden tool storage box.² This creative piece of furniture will provide a tranquil space to relax whilst doubling as a tidy home for your garden tools. Elegant on the outside, this storage box is very spacious on the inside and will help you store away planters, pots and seeds too. And what’s really great about a storage bench is that most are held together with decking screws making it an even easier woodworking project requiring no joints. It has been designed to be both comfortable and attractive, featuring an angled back for relaxing and perhaps bird watching. You could build a small two-seater or a larger three-seater bench depending on the size of your garden.

Smart garden tool storage ideas

3: Utilize Recycled Pallets 

Pallets can make very handy storage units for your garden tools and can even be used in a variety of ways. For instance, if you need all your tools stored in one neat position try crafting a vertical garden tool rack by following this simple guide.³ The materials required here are very minimal, helping you to create garden tool storage that is upcycled yet still as good as new. You will only need nails, nuts and bolts, wood and a hand drill to achieve this. 

Pallets can also be useful to store tools that need more organisation such as shovels, chainsaws and fowls. Creating a garden storage table can help keep your garden area clean and enhance the overall look and feel of your garden since you can also use it to display plant pots and other elements.⁴ Pallets are useful materials to have or to hang onto with many ways you can use them to enhance your garden tool storage space. Some gardeners even use them as part of the garden themselves, such as using them as planters and as part of herb gardens. Millions of wood pallets are used in the logistical industry to transport goods, but these often end up in landfills.⁹ Acquiring these provides a great source of free raw materials for gardeners which are often overlooked. So recycle and get crafting!

4: Hanging Your Gardening Tools 

This smart garden shed idea allows you to turn scrap wood into a convenient wall hanging storage for your garden tools and accessories.⁵ Old hooks or knobs provide the ideal solution to store garden tools and accessories in both a tidy and aesthetically pleasing way. Not only can these hold tools but even garden attire such as jackets, boots, gloves and hats. Since tools are attached to the wall, the space below can be used as a neat storage space for gardening boots and plant pots. Clear your workspace of messy soil bags by filling plant pots with the contents and create a stylish storage space. 

Smart garden tool storage ideas

5: Build A Garden Closet 

This fun and easy DIY project allows you to spruce up your garden space without being as large as a garden shed. If you crave a more compact storage space for garden tools, definitely try your hand at this Garden Closet.⁶ The completed closet will conveniently house all the necessary tools and add some subtle decor to your space. Ideal for a smaller garden space, it is also cost-effective with simple instructions and everything you need is listed. 

6: Basic Tool Basket 

Every gardener needs an on-the-go storage container for moving garden tools around with them as they work. This creative yet easy to craft Tool Basket⁷ is the perfect companion for your gardening tools, made to be both practical and personalised. Many of the materials required can be found around the house, so makes this project cost-effective, especially for beginners. Featuring pockets and a corkboard, this is no ordinary storage basket for your garden tools. Have everything you need for various projects around the yard in one place without having to overspend your money or time. 

Smart garden tool storage ideas

7: Outdoor Storage Locker 

This easy project will add both beauty and class to your garden by neatly storing your garden tools for convenient access. It is cost-effective and requires little materials. In fact, you can make this in a matter of hours, so it’s an ideal weekend project. Though compact, this 4 x 8 ft storage locker⁸ is much more spacious than it looks, with enough room to store a lawnmower. Long- and short-handled garden tools, lawn treatments and potting materials also fit nicely inside. No longer does your garage have to be cluttered with the many tools you need for different garden tasks. 

Follow the clear, step-by-step instructions to compactly store most, if not all, of your garden tools, accessories and equipment for quick, easy access. This also presents a great opportunity for beginners looking to improve their building skills. A particularly nice touch is the clear plastic roof panels used, which allows sunlight to spill inside on summer days. These panels are lightweight, quicker to install than asphalt shingles and don’t require sheathing underneath. They are also known to be long-lasting, meaning you can enjoy the convenience of this garden tool storage box for years to come.

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