Are you eligible to take the CSCS examination?

On this page you will find online health and safety test for UK operative test. This mock cscs mock exam online is completely free with no charge at all. You will be given 10 questions in your citb cscs mock test 2019.


CSCS test 2019

Q:1-A risk assessment identifies:

Q:2-Which of these is NOT your legal duty as a worker?

Q:3-As a worker you do NOT have a legal duty to:

Q:4-After watching you work, a Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector issues an improvement notice. What does this mean?

Q:5-You are using some equipment. It has just been given a prohibition notice. What does this mean?

Q:6-What is the most important reason for keeping your work area clean and tidy?

Q:7-During site induction you do not understand something the presenter says. What should you do?

Q:8-During a site induction, which of the following one topics should be covered?

Q:9-Which of the following will help you find out about the site emergency procedures and emergency telephone numbers?

Q:10-Which one of the following items are NOT recorded in an accident book?

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