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Easytec track lighting is a flexible track lighting system by SLV. Two systems are currently available – Easytec and Easytec II. The large collection of accessories and spotlights or pendant lights in modern design makes this Easytec track system perfect for general retail lighting illumination when ceiling mounted. It can be mounted to most surfaces including apex ceilings with the use of the various suspension options available. The flexibility of the system makes it grow in popularity in residential and commercial applications. Buildiro offers the Easytec systems to the market. The Easytec mains track lighting system has a modern and sleek appearance. Choose from black and chrome finish or black ceramic to suit any interior style. The Easytec rail system fits very well in living rooms and other areas of the house. The Easytec II rail is bendable, it is ideally possible to creatively adapt to different room conditions. Consider the Easytec system in your track lighting installation. It is an affordable lighting system with a special design and excellent quality and functionality. Contact us to know more about other track lighting ideas, different types of track lighting, and what are the types of track lighting most suitable for your home’s design.
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SLV EASYTEC II track 230 V, 2 m, black
SLV EASYTEC II track 230 V, 2 m, black