Crimping Tools

Join two pieces of cable or other materials with the world’s best crimping tools. A crimping tool resembles a pair of pliers, however, it has clamps with a ridge on one side and a notch on the other. This design allows you to seal a connector to an electrical cable. Suitable for both electricians and technicians alike, crimping tools are easily portable and usually have hardened or carbon steel jaws for easier manipulation. Buildiro offers a large variety of crimping tools, including the types suitable for cutting, stripping or bending cables. There are other types of wire crimping tools, as well: the manual ones require more human effort, while electrical ones are usually battery-powered and make your work easier, similarly to handled hydraulic crimping tools.
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Draper 150 Piece Insulated Terminal Assortment
Draper 150 Piece Insulated Terminal Assortment
from £10.73