Cable Rods

Handle cables easily with the world’s top-class cable rods. Specifically designed to guide cables though tiny and inaccessible places, cable rods enable you to manipulate all the lines and put them into their allocated position. Whether you are an electrician, technician or a DIY enthusiast, individual cable rods or even cable rod sets are of great help. Working with cable rods is extremely simple - the rod is affixed to the end of a cable. Then, you channel or guide it through the space or the hole, and your work is done. Buildiro offers a wide range of cable rods. When choosing the right ones for your work, it is essential to take their width into consideration. 4mm rods are flexible, while 5mm rods allow movement round sweeping bends. 6mm rods can deal even with insulation materials and are suitable for longer distances. There are also plenty of cable rod sets on Buildiro - just take a look and pick the one you need.
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