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Smoke detectors are essential safety devices for every home, office, and commercial building. These devices are designed to detect the presence of smoke and alert occupants in case of a potential fire, giving them ample time to evacuate the premises and contact emergency services. Our white smoke detectors are advanced, state-of-the-art devices that utilise the latest technology to ensure that you and your loved ones are safe at all times. These detectors are easy to install, low maintenance, and extremely reliable. One of the key features of our smoke detectors is their ability to detect smoke particles quickly and accurately. Our detectors use photoelectric sensors that can detect the presence of even the smallest smoke particles in the air. This allows them to detect potential fires much faster than traditional smoke detectors, giving you more time to take action. Our smoke detectors are also equipped with advanced alarm systems that are designed to be loud and attention-grabbing. This ensures that everyone in the building is alerted to the potential danger, even if they are in another room or sleeping.
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    ABUS Smartvest wireless smoke/heat detector
    ABUS Smartvest wireless smoke/heat detector
    £54.90 Lights.co.uk