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Keep your home safe with quality door locks and latches. The main advantage of locks and door latches lies in their uniqueness. Therefore, when choosing the right lock or latch, it is important to take into account what kind of door you need them for. Sometimes, door locks and hatches are fitted directly in the door. Other times, you can buy them separately, choosing not only the type and size you are looking for, but the colour and material as well. Front door locks can be applied to both interior and exterior doors, just lick door latches. There is a large range of door locks and door latches available on Buildiro. Garage door locks are made of extremely strong and resilient materials which resist the pressure of grinders or cutters. Gate latches suitable for various kinds of gates to secure the safety of your property.
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Abus 215/100 Container Lock + 37Rk/70 Hb100
Abus 215/100 Container Lock + 37Rk/70 Hb100
from £324.39