Hot Water Cylinders

Have hot water at your disposal anytime you need. Hot water cylinders are designed to store water which has been heated in a boiler or an immersion heater. When needed, the water is transported from the hot water cylinder into the tap or shower. There are two basic types of cylinders - vented and unvented. A vented hot water cylinder uses a vent pipe which allows the water to be fed and stored in the cold water storage tank. Then it is transported into various appliances around the house or flat. Of the two options, vented hot water cylinders are the more affordable choice. Vented hot water cylinders come in various volumes, up to 500 litres. An unvented hot water cylinder receives its supply from the mains water. Moreover, an unvented hot water cylinder requires no cold water storage tank or extra pipework. Whether you opt for a vented or unvented hot water cylinder, bear in mind the choice of the right capacity to save both money and energy.
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