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Electricity has become an inseparable part of our lives. It has entered every part of our day - we use it to cook, wash, or enjoy entertainment on TV, laptops or mobile phones. That is why it is essential to have quality electric plugs in your home. An electric plug allows the electrical device to be connected to the grid which provides the electric plug with alternating current. There are various types of electric plugs available on Buildiro. You can find the most common type - Type G - with rectangular-shaped pins. However, we offer Type D and Type M plugs, as well. These are most typically used with lighting circuits. Whichever you need, you can be certain that they adhere to the latest safety regulations. Browse our selection of electric plugs and choose electric plugs made by the best manufacturers to enjoy everything electricity has to offer.
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Sirius Site Distribution Splitter Box 4 Way 110v
Sirius Site Distribution Splitter Box 4 Way 110v
£73.17 Tooled-Up