Cavity Trays and Closers

A cavity tray is a damp proof course, or DPC, that prevents dampness from crossing between cavities in walls. If installed properly, cavity trays cross the cavity of a cavity wall between the internal and external leaves. This way, the wall is protected from dampness, thus preventing the decomposition and the consequent costly reconstruction of the building. Buildiro offers a variety of cavity trays of different designs. When choosing the suitable cavity tray for your project, there are two specifications you should look out for. First, the positioning of the cavity tray. If installed wrongly, dampness gets between walls, ruining the structure. Second, ask yourself - do you need to install the cavity tray so that it works well with flashing? If so, the flashing must be located below the cavity tray. Choose from our range of cavity trays of different types and protect your structure from water ingression.
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