Wall Hung Basins

A wash basin is one of the necessities no bathroom should be missing. If you would like to give your bathroom a modern and spacious look, a wall hung basin is the right choice for you. The main advantage of a wall hung basin lies in the way it is installed. Instead of being placed on a pedestal, it is attached directly to the wall. This creates additional space which allows you to put a shelf or even a vanity unit underneath. Moreover, a wall hung basin opens up the space of the bathroom, making it optically larger, and makes it easy for you to clean the floor underneath. Last but not least, a wall hung basin allows you to choose the height of its installation. Buildiro offers a large variety of wall hung basins for you to choose from. You can opt for either an angled or curved shape, single tap or mixer tap wall hung basins, smaller and larger, as well as various wall hung basin vanity units.
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Folding basin - Portable washing basin (1, green)
Folding basin - Portable washing basin (1, green)
£47.29 ManoMano UK