Buildiro Direct: Like Uber Eats for Building Supplies


When time is money, as it is for the modern tradesman, traffic is the enemy. Inching along the High Street in search of a hardware store for your supplies is not only infuriating; it’s also costly. But what if you could order materials from your mobile phone and then have them delivered right to your job site? With Buildiro, now you can.

In our continual quest to make Buildiro the best procurement app on the market, we’ve just launched Buildiro Direct, a materials delivery service for our London-based customers. Anytime you search for supplies in the Buildiro app within a London post code, you’ll be given a choice of pickup or delivery. Choosing pickup will return a list of nearby stores, just as it always has, while the new delivery feature will give shoppers the option of standard or express shipping.

“Think of it as Uber Eats for builders, but instead of delivering lunch, we’re delivering supplies so you can keep working,” says Buildiro CEO Luke Polach.

Delivery comes in two flavors: a 90-minute express service for £14.90, and same-day delivery (before 7 p.m.) for £6.90. Currently, delivery is offered for more than 30,000 products in the Buildiro database; size and weight restrictions apply.

Buildiro helps tradesmen expedite materials sourcing by linking them with merchants near their job site. By providing access to merchants’ real-time inventories, builders using the app can find the closest store stocking all of the items they need, which in turn cuts down on time spent driving between stores, searching shelves. With extra features like click-and-collect payment and e-invoicing, buying from the trade counter has never been easier. 

Buildiro Direct takes these conveniences to the next level. “Our objective has always been to provide the tradesman with building materials as quickly as possible, by linking procurement needs with real-time stock inventory,” says Polach. “Buildiro Direct is just another way to do that. With the addition of the delivery feature, Buildiro just keeps getting better.”

Buildiro Direct was born out of direct customer feedback. “When Buildiro 2.0 was released, in October 2019, some users suggested that delivery would be a fantastic additional feature, and after feasibility testing, we agreed,” says Polach. “We already had merchant’s inventory data. Arranging delivery was the logical next step.”

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