How Buying with Buildiro Can Save You Money


Coupons aren’t the most rugged tool in a pro builder’s toolbox, but for anyone with jobs south of London, they might be the smartest. Earlier this month, Buildiro teamed up with JMD Building & DIY Supplies, a family-run supplier in Hailsham, England, to offer all Buildiro customers 5% off their bill. It’s our first discount deal with a UK-based merchant; it will not be our last.

For now, Buildiro users shopping at JMD will need to present the code (which can be accessed through the app; see below for details) in person at checkout. In just a few weeks, when Buildiro 2.0 is released, the savings could be applied when paying for products within the app itself. 

Even for the occasional customer, the savings will add up fast. Consider, for instance, a typical supply run. As we noted on the blog a few weeks ago, some of the most popular items searched for on Buildiro are plasterboard, sand, and cement. So, if a tradesman shopping at JMD needed to pick up 30 squares of Knauf 12.5mm fire-shield plasterboard, 20 25kg bags of building sand, and five 25kg bags of Rugby Rapid Cement, their bill would normally come to just over £414. But apply the 5% deal, and it’s £393 – an extra £20 in the bank.

JMD is a natural partner for Buildiro. As an independent supplier of materials to both trade and DIY customers, JMD works directly with wholesalers and specialist product dealers to source materials at great prices. Buildiro’s goal, meanwhile, is to expedite the procurement process and increase contractors’ profitability by connecting them to merchants like JMD.

“It’s great to be able to send customers to a merchant that shares our commitment to taking the hassle out of procuring high-quality building materials,” said Buildiro CEO Luke Polach. “The Buildiro app was created to help builders secure materials quickly, closer to their job site, and at fair prices. Our current promotion with JMD accomplishes all three of these objectives.”

To access the JMD discount, search for a product in the BN273DD post code. JMD’s store at 77 London Road will be among the merchant options displayed. Click the “Detail” button to see the store’s full listing. The promocode appears at the top of the screen, just above the “Call” and “Navigate” buttons. (Download the app for iOS here, and Android here).

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