About us

Buildiro was created to save tradespeople and DIY enthusiasts time by providing them with a one stop shop with the widest range of products from local suppliers.

„Mobile-first“ approach

Buildiro started as a mobile app in 2018, which is still available on the Google Play and Apple App stores. On the app you can create a list of the supplies you need and search for the closest merchant stocking all of the items.

Website for DIY and tradespeople

Buildiro now stocks thousands of items from thousands of product ranges. Whether you need hammers, drill accessories, bricks or garden furniture, Buildiro has all of the items you need.

We focus on the three factors for our customers:
availability, distance and price

CEO Buildiro

„Time spent sourcing and acquiring materials can account for as much as 30% of builders’ billable hours. While large building contractors often have teams to help them navigate getting the supplies they need, Buildiro acts as the procurement team for tradespeople or DIY enthusiasts.“


Our Partners

As a building or DIY supplier there has never been a better time to join Buildiro. Our network is expanding and we are adapting with each new partner. Our goal with our suppliers is provide DIY enthusiasts and builders real-time access to merchants’ inventories.

Buildiro Guarantee

If your selected products are not available at one supplier, we will get from a different one at no extra cost.

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